10 Times New York City Dog Owners Got Creative When Taking The Subway

NYC Law Sparks Creative Canine Carry-On Methods

By Catalina Barrios

Credit: Instagram / @nycsubwaydogs

Anything can happen in the Big Apple and that includes exciting and creative moments for our true best friends, our dogs, too. If you are visiting or if you live in New York City and want to bring your dog on the subway, make sure they are in a bag. NYC law states that “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.”

While this policy also applies to banning large dogs from the subway system, it hasn’t stopped pet owners from finding creative ways of bringing their loyal companions along for a subway ride.

Enjoy the following ways dogs ride the subway with their owners. Let us know if you have seen any “clever” ideas like these ones!

1. The Hideaway Husky

Credit: Twitter / @alexromano

The husky seems to be pretty relaxed inside his owner’s bag. Does this count as a “small dog”? Either way, the owner is getting some strength training in!

2. The Dog Doing Distressed Chic

Credit: Instagram / @hansyandbrush

This bag is a bit torn apart but what really matters is that the dog is comfy, don’t you think? We can’t help but wonder what this dog owner is thinking about? Hmm…

3. The Ikea Hack of all Ikea Hacks

Credit: Reddit / emilNYC 

This pet owner totally nailed it. Possibly the greatest Ikea hack of all time!

4. The Peekaboo Poser

Credit: Instagram / @nolaprincessmonkey

A dog in style, and very fashion forward  – we imagine her poking her head out of her cozy bag to throw a sassy look at another passenger.

5. Frenchie in Canvas

Credit: Instagram / @nycsubwaydogs

With that adorable face, who wouldn’t want to travel with him?

6. The Commuter Who Is So Over The Commute

Credit: Instagram / @nycsubwaydogs

When the commuter happens to be a pug, it’s that much funnier. We’re also suckers for canine besties. That bag looks sooooo comfyyyy!!!

7. The Urban Backpacker

Credit: Instagram / @looningaround

Backpacking time, where is our next adventure? Too bad this trick doesn’t also fly for air travel.

8. The Man Satchel

Credit: inspireMORE

The expression is priceless. Congrats to this man for making everyone on board smile!

9. The Pampered Pooch

Credit: The New York Times

This dog’s hairstyle is top notch and ready for New York Fashion Week. If there is a Fashion Week only for dogs I will for sure, buy my ticket.

10. The Subway Stowaway

Credit: Instagram / @nycsubwaydogs

We knew we had to end off with this adorable dog looking very cozy in his bag. Perfect place to be during winter when you wish you had sprung for a taxi. What a treat to see a little nose poke out of a passenger’s bag!

Does your dog ride the rails with you? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to try out one of these creative carry-on methods!