Jasper the Dalmatian is Cute, Cuddly, and Kind of Creepy

Every dog has their own weird thing, but this one is really weird

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @jasper_the_dalmation

“Just watching what you’re doing from under here. No biggie.” Could you imagine looking for your puppy and finding him here staring at you???

Puppy love is the best love. When they finally open their eyes and learn to walk, there’s no stopping puppies from darting around discovering the world. And when people bring their new puppy home it’s all about containing their puppy’s excitement with cuddles, kisses, and play time. And that’s what’s special about Jasper the Dalmatian. Born in December 2016 in Australia, this baby doesn’t run to his mum when he wants to play, he slowly creeps towards her.

“If I walk slowly and carefully, she’ll definitely want to play with me!” He gets excited once he reached his destination, but why does he have to be so creepy?


Credit: @jasper_the_dalmation

Can you spot Jasper? It’s almost impossible when he blends in with his surroundings. Pays to be speckled with spots, eh Jasper?


Credit: @jasper_the_dalmation

After his creeper video went viral, Jasper was so exhausted with all the Internet love he was getting. We get it, Jasper, times are tough being that cute! How cool is his belly pattern!


Credit: @jasper_the_dalmation

Who’s the cutest spottiest pup around? Yup, it’s Jasper. He even knows it while he’s snoozing and dreaming of playing fetch.


Credit: @jasper_the_dalmation

Sometimes he even tries to look like Great Dane. What a silly dog. Maybe that’s one thing you can’t blend into, puppy!

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