Samson The Maine Coon Cat is FOUR Feet Long

Now that’s a giant kitty – he’s basically the size of a small child

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @catstradamus

“Let me go, human! I want to free and pounce on all the cameras!”

March is also known as cat month here at Get Leashed, and we are kicking things off in a big way, with a big, giant kitty!

Samson aka King Catstradamus is a 28-pound Maine Coon kitty living in New York City. He is the largest cat in his city and he definitely lives up to his title. His human, “Splurt Zillionz” is a musician and a self-proclaimed “meme-lord”. He frequently uses Samson as his muse and even has a wearable cat head that looks like Samson he wears while he performs. Together they take over the Internet with Samson’s gigantic presence and Splurt’s meme-knowledge.


Credit: @catstradamus

If he’ll let you, Samson can be your cuddle pillow with purrs and licks included. If you’ve ever been torn between a cat or dog as a pet, why not just get a cat that is bigger than many dogs?


Credit: @catstradamus

“I don’t care about my TV presence, let me go! I’m not interested.” Fame has not gone to this guy’s head. He actually seems a bit media shy. How refreshing!


Credit: @catstradamus

To get the full scale of just how big this guy is, here he is stretched out in all his 28 pound glory.


Credit: @catstradamus

No photo alterations here, ladies and gentlemen. This is real life size Samson lying on Splurt. Can you believe it?


Credit: @catstradamus

You can basically use Samson to curl and lift for your workout. We can’t get over the size of his paws. And his face. And, well, everything about him.


Credit: @catstradamus

Hopefully your arms are at least four feet long, because if he stretches, he’s hard to hold!


Credit: @catstradamus

“I’m the biggest cat in NYC, I can sleep where and how I want!”

Since he’s kind of a big deal, we bet he gets away with a lot. Who is going to tell him no?


Credit: @catstradamus

Like most cats, Samson like to fit himself into containers, but his containers have to be slightly larger than other cats. Too bad he’s over the 20 pounds or less weight restriction most airlines have for in cabin travel!


Credit: @generalhux

And Instagram user @generalhux portrayed the astonishing life of Samson the cutest and largest Maine Coon!

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