Frenchie Loves Baby Sister Even Before She Was Born

When she finally arrived, they became the cutest bffs ever

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

Best friends since birth always hang out and match together. What else do baby bears do anyways?

Browser the Frenchie came into the world on the day of love – he’s a Valentine’s Day pup! But he wasn’t going to be the only little one around anymore – his human parents were having a baby! And Browser wasn’t in the slightest upset; he was cuddling with her before she was out of the womb. And in late 2016 he got his sister, Ayla, a bouncing blue-eyed baby girl. Their cuddles out of the womb started immediately and Browser would even join her in her rocker. Now baby Ayla is learning to walk so they both wander their home in sunny Australia together discovering new things. But here are some photos watching them grow up together, we promise it’s adorable.


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

“Mum, I love her already. Is she coming soon?” Browser eagerly waited for the bump to turn into a little playmate. Who could blame him – newborns are awesome!


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

Nap times always need to be a two-party job when there are two babies around. And they both fit quite nicely and comfortably while Ayla was that size.


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

Ayla loved Browser just as much as he loved her. She sported her Frenchie love before she could even hold up her own head. That’s true love right there.


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

“Whatever the baby is doing, I’m gonna do. And since she lies down a lot, I think I will too. I mean, what else is there to do?”


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

“Good thing baby sis can only stretch and wiggle her arms and legs, I’m not quite ready to chase her around yet.” Browser knows he’s going to have his paws full when this baby decides to get on the move.


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

For Ayla’s first Christmas, you bet they’d be matching. “Yeeees, it’s Christmas. Forget about that Silent Night song, let’s sing Frosty the Snowman till mum’s ears fall off.”


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

And now it’s 2017, the first full year they’re going to share together! Look how excited Ayla is. Browser’s a little worried how many changes Ayla’s going to go through this year.


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

Browser: “Mum, I want to bite Ayla’s pig tails. Why do you keep stopping me?”

Ayla: “We have the same pointy ears!”

Mum: “Those aren’t your ears, Ayla. And no, Browser, no biting!”


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

“Okay, we’re both in. Now mum, will you push us?” We’re not sure who’s going to be busier – Browser or Mum, this toddler is on the move.


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

But downtime is always spent with these two attached in some way. Bottles are better when your fur brother is keeping you warm. It’s all about the support!


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

Every time there’s a dog on the TV, these two immediately must investigate. Maybe these two need another playmate.


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

It was Browser’s second birthday! It got lit with his best friend. We’re guessing a lot of following Ayla and eating the crumbs from his birthday treat.


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

“I’m not sure what’s she’s laughing at, but at least she’s having a good time.” We agree, Browser, babies are difficult to decipher, but that’s the case for most adults too!


Credit: @browserthefrenchie

“Will Ayla be sleeping on my dog bed with me too? We really do share everything! I call dibs on her dinner.”

15 photos of pure love, right? Watch the pair grow even more on Browser’s Instagram @browserthefrenchie!