Miss Sophie the Frenchie Lives the Seattle Life with her Paw-rents

In the home of Starbucks, Miss Sophie knows just where to go for your morning coffee and walk.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

“Why do Mondays even exist???” We feel you, Sophie. At least you’re dressed to impress to get your morning tasks done.

Seattle, Washington – the home of the Seahawks, Starbucks, and the sea (or at least part of it!). It is also the home of Miss Sophie the Frenchie who lives with her paw-rents and her brother Jax. She’s an avid fan of Starbucks’ Puppaccino, Pizza, and of course the Seattle Seahawks. She’s no stranger to roughhousing with her brother at home, the “snowy” winter the west coast gets, and the beautiful places for hiking. And she’s rather popular for documenting her lifestyle with over 15 thousand followers on Instagram! She’s even reached discount code level with two companies – that’s when you know you’ve made it.

Have a look at some of Miss Sophie’s best moments:


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

“When are you sending this one home? It’s too early to play – he can wait till tomorrow.” Shout out to all the older siblings who get temporarily tired of their little siblings. Sophie and Jax are double trouble together.


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

“How long is the snow going to stay?” In the west coast? By the ocean? Not for long little bull-potatoes. Although Frenchies are not considered Nordic breeds, these two will still pose looking cute with a blanket of snow.

There’s something inherently silly about Frenchies, and Sophie is no exception.


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

“Excuse me! I’m trying to do something here!” Just making sure you have good balance and enough toilet paper! Perhaps potty training is big in Seattle?


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

Little Miss Snow Sophie is itching to make another appearance. Just go a little further northeast and your wish can come true!


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

And the Tongue-out-Tuesday photo of the month goes to Sophie! We wonder just how she gets her tongue to do that!

Whether they’re winning or losing, Sophie always reps her team.


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

“Let’s go Seahawks!” Even if they’re not playing, you have to show love for your team wherever you go – especially if your home city happens to be Seattle.


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

“Hey, I was just answering your question of who wants pizza. You’re going to share, right?” Like most French Bulldogs, Sophie is very intrigued by any and all food.


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

Sophie’s got her game face on – it’s not fun and games when it comes to food! “Drop the ice cream! I dare you!”

Sophie says, I really lick you!


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

“I don’t know why my tongue only goes out this far when I’m trying to show how much I ‘lick’ you!” It’s okay, Sophie, your collar says it all. We lick you too!


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

On the weekends, Sophie, like many of us, becomes one with the comforter. But since she’s a dog and no human responsibilities, she has the luxury to do it every day!


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

When she’s not lounging around at home, she’s on walks. And her walks aren’t just at the dog park, but walking the coast of the ocean and seeing the mountains!

Are you ready to visit Seattle yet?


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

Quick, get your Pokemon GO out! You have a chance to catch a wild Sophie. Pokemon really knows how to keep the game alive.


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

Miss Sophie had the chance to be a part of her human’s engagement! Congratulations to her humans and to her! More love for all.


Credit: @misssophiethefrenchie

If you think really hard about what you want to eat, you may just get it! And in this case you can fall asleep in it and dream about having a dozen more.

Follow Miss Sophie on her adventures on Instagram @misssophiethefrenchie.