Purin the Super Beagle Has More World Records Than You’ll Probably Ever Have

She’s the epitome of the potential of what dogs can do

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @superpurine

Can you guess what this precious face is able to do? We’ll give you some hints: rope, ball, samurai!

Purin is a beagle from Japan and currently holds three Guinness World Records! She holds the record for most number of skips with a human in a minute. She’s also the fastest dog to travel on a ball for 10 meters, and she caught the most balls with her paws in one minute! What a talented dog! Purin smashes the idea that it’s just “natural” for boys to be better than girls in physical activity. #GirlPower!

Let’s have a look at this super Beagle at work and play:


Credit: @superpurine

Purine with her dad and the Guinness World record representative reclaiming her title of most skips with a human!

Purin means Pudding in Japanese. And as skilled as she is – she’s just as adorable. When she’s not practicing her skills, she goes sightseeing with her paw-rents.


Credit: @superpurine

Purin all dressed up to enjoy the beach side views with her parents. Although you’ve got to train hard to be a world record holder, she and her parents know the importance of downtime, too. Nothing beats walking on the dock with your family when you need to take a break!

Purin is truly a multi-talented gal. Did we mention she can skateboard too?

The question is, what can’t she do?


Credit: @superpurine

Forget the skateboard, Purin is also practicing her biking! Some people can barely text and walk at the same time, and this dog is coordinated enough to bike!


Credit: @superpurine

Oh and she loves winter sports too. She goes tobogganing with her family. And she carries her own toboggan! Skilled and responsible – what more can you ask for?

Most of us are still out here trying to master fetch, meanwhile…

She’s also a pretty good goalie since she holds the world record for catching balls with her two front paws!


Credit: @superpurine

Oh and she can defend herself from an actual Samurai – she’s skilled in Kendo! Most of us may just as well sit and accept defeat.


Credit: @superpurine

Talk about a Super Guard Dog! She even looks super cute defending herself – look at the tongue hanging out.

Amazing accomplishments deserve to be recognized, and Guinness World Records include canine records.


Credit: @superpurine

“Yup, that’s me. Officially amazing – in print!” Well, with great Photoshop skills, we can have the same thing! (Just without the stamp and the actual pride of winning it)

A little look into Purin’s defense practice!


Credit: @superpurine

It’s exhausting having so many skills, right, Purin? It’s also exhausting travelling where everyone wants to meet you! She may be decorated with awards, but she’s a humble puppy at heart.

Never shy in front of a crowd, this Beagle can put on a show!


Credit: @superpurine

Purin showing off her two-paw catching skills to the public! Look at all her amazed onlookers.


Credit: @superpurine

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s her Guinness certificate for faster 10 meters traveled on a ball! Purin is more up for the congratulations lick, though!


Credit: @superpurine

Look at her go! She can go 10 meters balancing on that ball! A lot of people just sit on those balls and just fall over – she can run it!

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