This Guy’s Frenchie Proves That Yes, Dogs Are Better Company Than People

Who needs a human relationship when you got the best one with your pup?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @spearson073

We feel you, Scott. Dogs are priority too – who needs to go out in crowded places where dogs aren’t allowed when you can go to crowded places with dogs!

Scott Pearson’s Instagram page shows a lot of things he’s passionate about: Penny, New York City, and pride! If Penny the Frenchie isn’t included, you can forget about it. Scott takes Penny most places he goes, the park, the streets of New York, sight seeing, and the beach! And if you can appreciate the male body, he’s also got a good one too, just a bonus! But his relationship with Penny is all too adorable and they’re always embracing in some way.

If you want to see which places to go in New York City with your dog, Scott’s your man!


Credit: @spearson073

Dinner date with Penny! Sometimes it’s a better plan to eat in than to go out – you can’t really pet your friends in public.


Credit: @spearson073

Christmas card ready! Another intimate tradition Scott shares with Penny. We’d sign up for that mailing list! It’s much easier to coordinate for photoshoots when you are the only one who can really choose the outfits.

Scott and Penny don’t just stay at home, though!


Credit: @spearson073

Scott holding Penny is both love and necessity. Winter in New York can be a chilly one, and Frenchies aren’t exactly bred for their survival skills.


Credit: @spearson073

Time to move from one place to another as most young people do. Good thing Scott has such a good helper! There are two huge tests of any relationship: moving and travel, and these two have passed both.


Couple’s Costume Alert.


Credit: @spearson073

If they’re not matching in their bedtime clothes, they’re matching their Halloween costumes! Woohoo superheroes!


Credit: @spearson073

Scott loves taking Penny out for walks where they can enjoy nature and especially the view. Watching leaves change color during the fall is a pretty good walk view!


Credit: @spearson073

And they go on walks during the best time of the day – when it’s still sunny out, but the sky is changing colors. Best photo op ever! There’s something about a romantic cliche photo that is infinitely better when a dog is part of the couple, no?

Doing absolutely nothing with someone you love is better than doing something exciting without them.


Credit: @spearson073

The best walk breaks are by the water and under the shade. There’s something peaceful about watching still, natural water!


Credit: @spearson073

Penny giving Scott birthday kisses to wake him up! Best way to start your birthday, ever? We think so!


Credit: @spearson073

Scott and Penny also spend a lot of time at the beach. You can call them well-experienced beach bums. How cheeky!

It’s clear, Scott has found the best companion ever in Penny.


Credit: @spearson073

That’s Penny’s excited face. Hopefully the sand isn’t too hot for her paws! But either way, yay for beach days with your best friend!


Credit: @spearson073

And then like all beach days, it’s time for coffee and sunbathing. Rest is always good on a hot day!


Credit: @spearson073

And this is what a reunion looks like between the two after a week. Immediate embraces are a must!

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