Meow-ver Queens, This Kitty Wins RuPaw’s Drag Race

Laila The Cat Recreates Iconic Drag Race Looks With Her Own Fitting Team

By: Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

Hay, Kitty, hay, Laila here showing off my latest couture outfits!

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race may already know, that the upcoming season is going to be bigger and better than ever, with celebrities like Lady Gaga on board for all the eleganza. The show made a major cross over to mainstream with RuPaul’s recent Emmy win for hosting the show. While we are big fans, we’ve got to draw your attention to another cultural phenomenon: RuPaws’s Drag Race.

Laila the cat’s Instagram is full of her copyCAT versions of favorite drag outfits from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Lynzie, the human creator of @rupaws_drag_race and co-creator John, watch every episode with the Instagram star-kitty.

Let’s walk through some of the best kitty couture, shall we?


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

Laila’s recreation of Kim Chi’s outfit

The two creators hand make every outfit and wig, which, by the way, is a lot of sewing and glue guns. Laila has fittings and photo shoots that only work with a lot of treats! These outfits and photos can take hours even days to finish.


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

This Kim Chi look had a lot of bedazzle to it. Laila slays in lavender! 

Laila’s favorite queens to emulate are, of course, RuPaul and Violet Chacki.


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

Laila in a RuPaul look, not even paying attention to the camera. Mhm, girl. Here modeling abilities are just so natural.


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

Laila in her Violet Chachki look, Hello Kitty and all!

But, of course, Laila does dress up in other girl’s looks…And she never disappoints.


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

A Pearl and Trixie look – so many sequins!

Laila is no one trick kitty – she’s a multidimensional Queen!


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

Here’s her Thorgy Thor look with the hat AND the turtleneck. Way to represent for the New York girls!


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

Another PAW-less RuPaul emulation. This is the Instagram account we never knew we wanted.


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

Of course, she couldn’t leave out the judges. Laila in a glorious Michelle Visage look .

A little pawty never killed nobody…


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

Laila giving major attitude in her Chi Chi DeVayne paper dress! She’s fearless and it’s all in good fun.


Credit: @rupaws_drag_race

Laila modelling Pearl’s look down to a T

Basically, @rupaws_drag_race is the ultimate fan account for crazy cat people much like us, that creators hope will bring a little laughter and love. You can follow her on SnapChat too! #YAAASQUEEN


?: @rupawsdragrace

Have you checked out this season’s competitors? What look do you hope Laila does next? Let us know in the comments below.