Bichon Frise Fro Cut Appreciation Post

Because what else can cheer us up during a winter storm?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @bichon_frise_ally

This little fluff ball thinks you can survive the winter! Just imagine warming your cold hands in his fur and then squishing him with a hug – it helps!

A lot of students are on break this week for spring break or March break and if they live in the North East part of North America, it’s pretty chilly. And it’s only hump day today! How are we even supposed to survive the rest of the week if we can barely feel the tips of our noses and fingers two minutes out the door? We can only trust the groundhog so much and hope for warmer days. But they feel so far away. So Get Leashed has a solution. We can’t change the weather forecast, but we can warm your hearts! And adorable photos of Bichon Frises dogs will do just that. Their fros are just out of this world and their adorable toy like size and faces just make it that much better. We hope it makes the middle of your week better!

Let’s have a look at some of the fluffiest fros:


Credit: @bichon_tori

And look at the size of this fro! The tiny dog shirt can barely contain the awesome puffy cloud underneath. Don’t you want to just nuzzle your face in it?


Credit: @bichon_frise_ally

Doesn’t this Bichon look like a stuffy? Imagine this being on your desk while you work and smiling at you during the day. Wouldn’t that be amazing – but for now, here’s a photo. Remember, not chubby, just fluffy.

Anyway you style it, this cut is pure awesome.


Credit: @feels_dream

Boo! This Bichon thinks you can do it! You’ll get through that meeting, that phone call, that assignment, or that project! You got it in you and soon it will be the weekend.


Credit: @sunshine_taeyang_

This baby walking cloud has a beautiful flower crown. Maybe you’ll go on vacation soon sipping a cold drink with a flower crown of your own! Start dreaming of your own festival looks this spring, and forget the inclement weather.


Credit: @sunshine_taeyang_

Why even dress the doggy with a little frilly bib when her fur is all the rage. It’s okay – be extra! And look how happy she is! She’s giving you a silly tongue out smile to tell you that you’re a superstar!

Yup, the fluff goes on. And on…and on!


Credit @bbaeggom__b

And look at this little guy’s fro and fur taking over his little polo shirt! Who needs a polo for brunch when you got the best fur in town. Mmm, imagine your weekend brunch in your own polo.


Credit @bbaeggom__b

Can you even tell the difference between the LINE characters and the little Bichon? Of course you can – that fro is totally natural.


Credit @bbaeggom__b

And there’s double the trouble with these two little ones. One day their fros will grow to their greatest potential – kind of like you with this work day!

Brushed out, short, or textured, do Bichon’s ever have a bad hair day?


Credit @bbaeggom__b

A variety of fros to appreciate – now you know that Bichon Frises can come in different styles. It just seems the puffy fro is the most popular. We’re voting for the middle one!


Credit: @bodamiya


This little fluffy baby is too cute with her little pink Patrick bib! Perhaps that’s how Bichons stay so white.


Credit: @bodamiya

This fro needs some beauty rest. You’ll get some soon. You’ve taken a long enough break with these adorable Bichons!

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