Cat Found With Severe Mange and Dehydration Makes Miraculous Recovery

All because of the love of rescuers and veterinarians, you can barely tell he was sick

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Carmen Morales Weinberg / Facebook

When a man named Joe put a bowl of food out for his cat, this kitty came out of nowhere and ate the food. A local woman named Carmen picked the cat up to bring him to the vet.

Carmen Morales, originally from Mexico, lives in South Florida with her family and runs Animal Friends Project. Her mission is to help the community cats who need help. She takes the responsibility to provide them with food, spay, neuter, and vaccinate them. And when Joe put Cotton the sick kitty in a carrier and posted for help, she responded immediately and took him in. She posted photos of Cotton’s recovery on Facebook and is currently seeking someone to adopt him.


Credit: Carmen Morales Weinberg / Facebook

Cotton couldn’t open his eyes, had a severe case of mange, was dehydrated, and anemic. The vet prescribed him antibiotics and Carmen provided him with foods.


Credit: Carmen Morales Weinberg / Facebook

He was very skinny and hungry when Carmen brought him home. But he slowly improved with his first dose of Ivermectin and his special bath.

Seeing him now, he is almost unrecognizable!


Credit: Carmen Morales Weinberg / Facebook

Then Cotton opened his eyes and revealed his beautiful heterochromatic eyes. From the beginning, Cotton was friendly, and as he improved he was even sweeter.


Credit: Carmen Morales Weinberg / Facebook

Carmen then learned, as Cotton improved, was that he was a very outdoorsy cat and loved to be outdoors. She also estimates he’s about six years old!


Credit: Carmen Morales Weinberg / Facebook

Cotton was found in September and is still looking for a home. If you live in the Delray Beach area, and have no other pets, maybe you should consider adopting this beautiful-eyed boy.

For more of Carmen’s rescue stories and to stay updated with Cotton’s story, check out her Facebook page for Community Cats of Delray Beach.