Korean Tattooist Memorializes Your Pets in an Adorable Way

Want to bring your cute pet with you wherever you go? These tattoos may just be for you.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @jiran__

Have a cat? A dog? A hippo? A duck? Anything is possible with these adorable tattoos.

We’ve already seen a minimalist version of pet tattoos, but these tattoos represent your pet in a whole other way. There’s color, there’s other animals, there’s plants, and there’s water animals on land with your pets! Jiran is the talented artist of these tattoos and works in Seoul, Korea. So if you ever venture out there and want to have a special tattoo with your pet in it, you may just want to head to Jiran. Every special detail of your pet is considered in your tattoo and you’ll definitely know it’s your pet.

Check some of the work out!


Credit: @jiran__

These bug eyed Chihuahuas are eternally memorialized on their human’s body causing mischief on a giraffe. Talk about being known for your best features.


Credit: @jiran__

The artist got all of kitty’s details down pact – the little white patches under the nose and the partial white belly! And the kitty has a carrot, maybe that’s supposed to mean something.

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