Study Shows Companion Dog Boosts Group Activity

Dreading that group project? Research shows a dog can help

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Wouldn’t work be ten times better if this pup was there with you? Science proves that it definitely is better if he was!

We all know that the working world is constantly changing. It has evolved from a slow, consistent, individually based job to fast-paced, ever-changing group work for bigger and more efficient projects. Gone are the days of the scientific method and assembly line. Business and organizations are demanding jobs to be done by many people with their own specialized skill sets to work together. But these groups are temporary and have deadlines – therefore it is difficult to grow accustom to your members and team-building exercises lack intimacy and are usually separate from the actually work progress.

So how do dogs shake up the situation?


Credit: @swisskissberner

Since it’s been seen that dogs already impact moods and interaction in a positive way, Michigan University psychologists conducted a study where they expected this would also be true in a work group setting. Colarelli, S., McDonald, A., Christensen, M., and Honts, C. conducted three studies in total. Two studies involved participants working out problems with or without and companion dog, and the third involved random observers measuring the group dynamics in video recordings.


Credit: @ramzes_power

Could you imagine it being mandatory or even just allowed to have a dog present in your work or school project? We’d definitely sign up for that job or class in a heartbeat!

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