This Guy Is The Master Of The Pet Selfie And Is Surrounded By Cats And Frenchies

Thành Trung Lê owns a cat café and his life is basically goals

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @eckleeeee

One of many pictures of Thành and his many pets. This Frenchie’s name is Tony and he’s apparently a fave. He’s not having any of the selfie right now.

Thành Trung Lê aka Eck Lee from Hanoi, Vietnam runs a cat café, Meow Coffee. Like other cat cafés, patrons can come in for some coffee and snacks while petting all of his kitties! He doesn’t just have the cats at his café, the cats also have lots of fur babies that he sells. And besides the kitties, he also has lots of Frenchie and Pug puppies! It sounds like pet heaven to us. He has so many pets that most of his selfies are rarely alone, he always has a featured animal in them.

Have a look at all of his animals:


Credit: @eckleeeee

Kitties are so much easier to hold then chubby Frenchies. But they don’t look so happy for the photo. They’re more on the terrified side. Oh well, all for the ‘gram anyways!


Credit: @eckleeeee

Triple Dog Trouble. Thank goodness for the puppy filter or else all dog owners wouldn’t be able to imagine what they would look like as a puppy.

And look at all the black and white patched French bulldog puppies he has ready for new homes!

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How can you ever be stressed when you have so many Frenchies to hold?


Credit: @eckleeeee

Don’t you just want to rub their tummies and play with their pointy ears?


Credit: @eckleeeee

“It’s you, but from the future.” This little puppy looks exactly like his mommy! It’s like a second chance for Tobi’s puppy period. Hurray!

Thành doesn’t only love Frenchies, though.


Credit: @eckleeeee

What’s better than an armful of two Frenchies? An armful of Frenchies with a Pug in the middle! There’s a reason why their faces are so squishy.


Credit: @eckleeeee

Can you tell that these two are the favorites? They’re the parents of all his puppies and their portraits are displayed in his cafe – a cafe for cats!


Credit: @eckleeeee

Tony’s got the idea now! He sees his human with the puppy filter and knows to stick his tongue out for the selfie. #SelfieGameStrong

Okay, we absolutely need to visit.


Credit: @eckleeeee

Move over, doggies, it’s time to pay attention to the cats. And there are a lot of them. All you need is love and attention and that’s what they get from Thành and his patrons in his cafe. Kitties galore!


Credit: @eckleeeee

But kitties don’t ask for the attention since they know that they’re going to get it no matter what. We guess Eck got the memo and copied this kitty’s face!


Credit: @eckleeeee

We love Eck and Tony’s matching selfies. They make selfies with your pet worth it. It’s like interspecies twinning. Love it.

Pet selfies are always a risk. You might realize your cat or dog pulls more likes than you!


Credit: @eckleeeee

And this squinty/winky-eyed kitty gave Eck the inspiration to match again. Who wouldn’t want to adopt this gorgeous black feline!


Credit: @eckleeeee

All these Frenchies and kitties make the pug feel left out, so the pug gets his own selfie. Too bad his face is perma-worried, and makes him look sad for his big shot.


Credit: @eckleeeee

We guess it pays to be friends with the owner of a cat café and Frenchie breeder. You get to take pictures with the squishiest doggos and kitties. Too cute.

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