Roxy Earle

The Real Housewives of Toronto Star With Luxurious Lola

By Sarah Fisher

Red dress, red bag, cream coat, cream dog. When Roxy Earle, aka Luxurious Roxy and her Doodle, Luxurious Lola strutted into Dîner en Bark, heads turned and paws stood still. Little did we all know, that Roxy would be announced as a Real Housewife of Toronto, and soon become a fan favorite, with Lola as the unofficial seventh housewife. So how would our girl from the six stack up to the likes of fierce dog owning housewives Lisa Vanderpump and Erika Jayne? Well, just watch her dog park scene in episode two; she slays and does Toronto proud. We visited Roxy and Lola to talk all things fashion, travel, and living luxuriously. Get to know this one of a kind pair below and be sure to tune in each Tuesday night to see all the hair flipping, tail wagging action. #TeamRoxy

Please tell us about yourself, your profession, and what a typical day in your life is like.

No day in my life is typical! I wake up in the morning and have breakfast with my husband, we both head to the gym, and then we get down to business. Lola will have her morning walk, and then each day really depends on what I have on the go. If I’m in Toronto, the day is usually work; I’m building a lifestyle brand called Luxurious Roxy, and I have a lot of press commitments with the Real Housewives. The day usually ends with dinner somewhere fantastic in Yorkville with my husband and our friends.

Ever since the announcement, we have been so looking forward to your Real Housewives debut. How would you describe the experience in a few words? Can you let us in on anything we can expect to see this season from you or Lola?

I will tell you this, Lola does make it into the infamous interview chair! Lola is definitely the seventh housewife, that’s a fact. Her fashion is on fleek, and she’s inserted into all the drama as you will see from the beginning; there were a lot of bitches in the dog park and Lola was one of them.

Please tell us a bit about Lola. How did she come into your life? Is there a story behind her name or particular breed?

Lola is turning four this spring and I got her when she was seven weeks old from a place called Burkhart Kennels which is just outside of Waterloo. I was saying to my husband “please, let’s get a dog”, but we travel so much that it didn’t seem practical or fair for us to have one. I researched all of these amazing places where Lola could go while we traveled and so, I figured we could make it work. I was planning on going to just visit the farm, and I literally picked Lola up, put her into my arms, and she immediately nuzzled into my neck and fell asleep. I just knew it was her, she was my dog, and I didn’t want to leave! Lola is the name of one of my best friends in the world’s little sister; her name is Laura and we call her Lola. She’s a beautiful young spirit who I have a lot of love for, so that’s where the name Lola came from.

We knew Lola was a dog about town from her entrance at Dîner en Bark. What are some of your favorite dog-friendly travel escapes or outings where Lola has joined you?

Lola loves the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto. She’s been welcome there since she was a puppy. The Hazelton is a home away from home for us, and an extension of our home in Yorkville. It’s where we go to watch movies in their private screening room, we go to dinners there, I have staycations there when I want to escape and pamper myself, and Lola is very well loved there. The entire hotel knows her by name, and she’s very much a neighborhood dog, but she adores Muskoka

We are very much looking forward to your wardrobe selections on Real Housewives. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is bold, colorful, and beautiful. Fashion is really interesting for me because I’m not what they call a typical size; they consider me as “plus size”, which I hate that term, but both Lola and I find it really hard to find fabulous fashion if you’re not a tiny little person (or pooch!). Everything that’s cute and adorable is always for the little dogs, and everything that’s cute and adorable is often for a slimmer girl. Lola and I struggle with the same fashion issues. I like to have fun with fashion, and my style is glamorous and definitely fabulous.

We know you love to accessorize Lola’s outfits to match yours. What are some of her favorite things to wear?

People think that if you have a large dog, you don’t want them to be glam, and I want Lola to be blinged out as well! I make a lot of Lola’s accessories. Whenever I’m having pieces made for me, I’ll have the extra fabric turned into bows that can match certain dresses of mine. For some of my signature coats for winter, Lola will have a matching signature sweater.

The most glamorous accessory she has is a gorgeous velvet and Swarovski crystal collar that was gifted to her from Harrod’s Pet Kingdom, by one of my girlfriends who lives in London.

We know you love color and are big on travel. How does your personal style translate to your living space?

My living space is eclectic, and filled with things I love from my travels. I like to have bright and clean spaces, so I look for white walls and vast rooms, and then I fill them with all sorts of things from all over the world. In my living room here, I have three paintings from my father (Michael Earle) which I’m so blessed to have, as he’s an incredible artist. I collect seashells and bring them home from my vacations around the world. I love photography, so I think that’s the best way that I express my style and my travel, and you can see photos from my trips that I share on my blog LuxuriousRoxy.

We know that you lead a very busy life, especially now with your Real Housewives duties. When you get some time to yourself, what’s your ideal weekend?

I love to wake up in the morning and take Lola to the ravine with my husband and my stepsons. We go on long walks and visit Brick Works, get hot chocolates there, and Lola loves it. My ideal afternoon when I come home is spent at the spa. I’m very much a spa girl and I love pampering. The Four Seasons spa is part of my ritual, as well as the Hazleton Spa. Those are my places to go and unwind.

What inspires you?

In my career and in my life and my pursuits, I’ve always believed that I need to be passionate enough that I can inspire others. I would love people to look at me and think, she’s so passionate about what she’s doing, that they are inspired to do or pursue something too. I believe that being passionate about life and about work, and the pursuits that you take on, is the most important thing. I’m fortunate to be at the point where I don’t do things that I don’t want to do. Some people look at me and must say, yeah that’s easy for you to say, but that’s not the case. I’m totally self-made, my husband happens to be successful, but I started from the bottom and now I’m here (laughs)! I started as a secretary at an advertising agency, and five years later, I became the agency’s client. The CEO who I had been the secretary to ended up taking me out for lunch and said, “I always knew you were going to be on the other side of this.” I always worked hard in school and when I started my career, I hustled. I worked my way up and I’m very proud of that. I feel very strongly about young women looking at me and not just seeing somebody who leads a certain life, because I created a life for myself.

From meeting you, we imagine things on the show will be very real. Was it hard for you to start having the cameras rolling and worry about the situations (and drama) that would unfold?

I would have thought that it would be uncomfortable, but amazingly, I was very comfortable in front of the cameras. I was ready for it. I feel like I have been narrating my own television show my whole life, and finally someone decided to film it. I have a larger than life personality and none of that is faked. This is who I am and when the show came along, I thought this is a great platform for me to express my views. I’m definitely bringing the real to the Real Housewives. I think I bring a lot of diversity to the look that the Real Housewives has typically catered to. There are stereotypes of what a housewife should look like and I break a lot of those molds and I’m very proud of that.

Finally, if you could leave our readers with a funny story about Lola, or share any of her funny mannerisms that you love:

Lola is such a diva. Every night before Lola goes to sleep, she gets into our bed and has a cuddle, then she gets into her bed, but she only sleeps with pillows made for people. She likes down pillows and she prefers Italian linens so she sleeps on a Frette pillow case. If she doesn’t have a pillow, she will start barking and wait for someone to put her pillow down. In the morning, she also acts as my alarm clock wanting more attention.

Have a look at Roxy’s Instagram stories for a glimpse at Lola’s nighttime routine.

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