Calling All Canadian Children – Want a Chance to Name the RCMP Puppies?

Be part of the “Name-the-Puppy” Contest for the newest RCMP employees

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

RCMP Depot Division2

Credit: RCMP “Depot” Division / Facebook

Haley nursing three of the puppies at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Center – she got her name in the 2015 Name the Puppy Contest.

Want to be a part of naming some of Canada’s working dogs? Well here’s your chance. There are a few rules though, you have to be Canadian and you have to be a child.

So, grab a kid you know and enter some puppy names!

RCMP Depot Division

Credit: RCMP “Depot” Division / Facebook

These puppies will grow up and start training as police dogs as soon as they’re weaned off and ready to learn! But for now they’re cute little fluffer nuggets we can adore.

Thirteen (yes, 13!) puppies are in need of names.

In this year’s “Name the Puppy Contest” the puppy names have to start with the letter “K” and have no more than two syllables and nine letters. So we can’t get that fancy, but we bet you can think of something cute! Each child can only enter one name for the contest.


Credit: @RCMPOnt / Twitter

The RCMP will announce the winners on May 11 and there will be a winner from each province and territory. Talk about uniting a country with puppies!

The entries should include: child’s name, address, telephone number and puppy name. The winners will get an 8×10 laminated photo of the dog they named, a plush dog, and an official RCMP baseball cap!

You can enter online or send a letter to:

Attn: “Name the Puppy 2017 Contest”

Police Dog Service Training Centre

Box 6120

Innisfail, AB, T4G 1S8

Good luck and happy naming!