Life of Vi – Spring Breaker

How Violet The French Bulldog Spent March Break

By Rachel Simpson

While many of us like to head somewhere warm for spring break, that isn’t really in the cards for Violet: she doesn’t fly, doesn’t do particularly well in the heat, doesn’t like the strange animals at all-inclusives.

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Chill, Dog:

Any hopes of a sunny spring break got dashed pretty quickly this year. Vi tried to make the best of it, throwing on a sweater and heading out but was discouraged by the delayed blast of winter. But that’s okay, she found plenty of ways to make the most of her spring break indoors.

Digging in the crates:

Violet used being stuck indoors as an opportunity to dust off her vinyl and play some tunes. Violet is a proper album girl, none of that playlist nonsense for her.

Royal Rumble:

Wrestling with her little brother was another way Vi made the most of her spring break. He doesn’t provide much by way of competition, mind you, he isn’t very strong and he doesn’t even have a full set of teeth. But his fingers often taste like food, and that’s reason enough to go a few rounds with him.

Flex Appeal:

Even though she wasn’t much into going for walks, Violet still needed to get some exercise. That meant some playing tug, fetch in the hallway, and even a little doggy yoga in the living room.

Pig in a Blanket:

Having all that fun can really tire a girl out. So Vi spent part of her Spring Break catching up on the sleep she doesn’t miss. And who wouldn’t want to do that?

Queen of the Castle:

On the last day of March break it warmed up enough that Vi wanted to spend some time outside. We took her to the park and let her run roughshod over the castle before an army of toddlers showed up and ended her reign. She shall return, though. Oh yes, she shall return.