Can You Guess Which Riverdale Star Is The Biggest Dog Lover?

The star is young, adorable, and will steal your heart with these pet photos.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @lilireinhart

Sadly the only hint we can give you is that it’s one of the main characters? Don’t they look dashing in their comic inspired outfits?

Well, before we reveal to you who it is, anyone caught up with the newest TV series based on the classic Archie Comics?? We love the show, the plot, and of course the beautiful cast! Bringing together bingeing and streaming, the CW and Netflix has given us Riverdale a dark spin on the happy-go-lucky comics we all loved.

And now you can know which actor just loves his pets!


Credit: @kjapa

It’s KJ Apa who plays none other than Archie Andrews! If he’s not filming, he’s usually taking afternoon snoozes with one of his many pets. And he loves them all!

KJ Apa is an actor from New Zealand is only 19 years old! Practically a baby, he was chosen to play Archie Andrews after a four-month search for the perfect lovable redhead. In the new show he gives off a Troy Bolton/Zac Efron-esque feel, but with his own dark/angsty tortured artist personality. And like the comic character, KJ Apa has everyone swooning for his adorable face and bangin’ bod. PLUS, he was in A Dog’s Purpose, points for being an animal lover all around!

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Here he is getting love from an adorable Brussel Griffon!

Any pet in his reach gets Apa’s love!


Credit: @kjapa

KJ and his adorable pup Keo! Unfortunately he doesn’t see Keo very often since he’s in the states filming. Why do New Zealand and the states have to be so far?


Credit: @kjapa

He has another pupper who we think is a Japanese Chin! Back home he snoozes with this pup any time he can! We’d definitely join in on this sunbathing if we could.


Credit: @kjapa

When he was filming, he was lucky enough to have a visit with this nibbly monster puppy! What a lucky pair – we can’t believe any work was done on set with such an adorable couple.


We’re only sure that KJ has two dogs, but he just interacts with so many more!


Credit: @kjapa

Another one of KJ’s buddies getting his photo bomb – and squishing yourself behind a human is definitely the most comfy position ever!


Credit: @kjapa

Another impromptu nap with KJ and his pupper – we don’t think KJ fits very well on that couch, but at least the dog is comfortable!


Credit: @kjapa

KJ seems to be sitting or horizontal more than vertical. And he’s always in the presents of some kind of dog – we want his life!

When he’s home, he also has a pet shadowing everything he does.


Credit: @kjapa

He’s got the BBQ going with vegetables (?!) and hot dogs and his doggy standing guard making sure no one else is going to attack them when they’re ready.


Credit: @kjapa

When your pup is sad in the cone of shame, you definitely take selfies with them to make them feel better or you could scratch their bellies – either is a win/win.


Credit: @kjapa

Even when KJ’s just chilling outside, he’s got company and this time one of his kitties. He’s like an animal magnet. We need more of those!

But it’s all about the cuddles at the end of the day!


Credit: @kjapa

One of his kitties taking a nap on his probably not so squishy chest – but if its warm than that doesn’t matter! And even though they both seem to be sleeping, then who is taking the picture??


Credit: @kjapa


And one of his old napping partners was this Alaskan malamute who passed away. But look how adorable they were together!


Credit: @kjapa

Even though this puffy malamute may not be with KJ anymore, they definitely loved each other. And it just proves this Riverdale star loves all his pets so much!

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