Rocket the Dachshund Proves He’s an Oldie, but Definitely a Goodie

This aging weenie never looked so good

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

We think from first glance, Rocket can still pass for a puppy! Okay, maybe the grey whiskers give it away, but he makes up for it with wisdom!

Perks of having a small dog is that when they grow to their maximum size, they’re not that much bigger than when they were a puppy! Everlasting puppy syndrome – and that’s exactly what Rocket the Dachshund has. He recently turned 9 and he’s just as adorable as a pupper. He still fits in the sink, wears a bunch of adorable outfits, and still likes to frolic around outside even in the cold! And his Instagram proves he’s just as adventurous as we described!

Here’s why this senior Dachshund keeps getting better with age:


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

He not only had that fruit platter for his 9th birthday, but he also got his prince crown and a delicious looking cupcake cookie! Talk about aging well! And hardly a grey hair in sight.


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

Rocket is all about sharing. It might have been his day on his birthday, but every other day it’s all about sharing the love in his heart. Just look at his warm, brown eyes.

He is a pup of many, many different looks, and at his age, he’s not afraid to take risks.


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

Some days he feels so cuddly that he puts his teddy bear outfit on for more hugs! He definitely wins a virtual hug from us.


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

And if it’s not physical comfort that you need, Rocket’s got your back with security. He’s BatDog right before bedtime and makes sure everyone is snug as a rug before he goes to sleep.


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

Right before bed, he is your frog prince who will turn into your Prince Charming with some belly rubs and a boop on the nose. Talk about a versatile man in the house!


He doesn’t just wear costumes, he’s quite a fashionista. Who says you can’t wear certain things after a certain number of birthdays?


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

Rocket pairs his warm, brown eyes with a warm fuzzy, green sweater. When you feel drab in the transition from winter to spring, you’ve got to think bright for it to be bright!


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

When he’s outside, he doesn’t opt to be carried. He gets right in the snow that’s taller than him and gets it all over his face. Age got nothing on him!


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

To celebrate another pupper friend’s birthday, Rocket gave her a shout out and got some sprinkles on his snoot for his Instagram! Such discipline not licking the sprinkles off!

But he winds down the same way most of us to after a day being awesome. Could this be the key to aging well?


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

He might get his gaming headset on, make himself comfortable on the couch, make sure fluids are easily reachable, and end his evening with some PvP shooting!


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

Or instead of snuggling up for some action, Rocket sometimes gets the pot on for some tea, grabs his favorite book and falls asleep reading! That sounds like a great way to us!


Credit: @rocket_the_dachshund

But we know that like everyone else, he somehow manages to get into bed and blends into his stuffies. He’s exactly like a puppy still!

To follow him on his exciting and bright life, follow him on Instagram @rocket_the_dachshund!