Discover This Must Visit for Pug Lovers in Kyoto, Japan

If you live the #PugsLife, you have to visit the Living Room Pug Café

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @kyoto_pugcafe_livingroom

Do you want pugs to stare at you with these eyes for a short while? Well, hop on a plane, bus or train to get to Kyoto’s Living Room Pug Café!

Pug puppies, old puggies, puggies in their prime, all the puppies you could imagine are at this adorable little pug café. With 11 pugs on the roster, there will be no shortage for you and your friends to pet all these little wrinkles to your heart’s content. You can purchase drinks and snacks while on your visit. And you get a cupful of treats that will definitely promise you at least one friendly pug on your lap. It’s cozy and pug-citing to be there! (We’re only guessing since we’ve never been, but it looks amazing!)


Credit: @kyoto_pugcafe_livingroom

If you want pugs wriggling and squishing in between you and someone else trying to grab your attention, put this at the top of your list to visit!


Credit: @karinasasmita

And you’ll have ALL the pugs attention if you hold up a cup full of treats. They go crazy for treats and will gently attack you for it.

Even if you don’t have treats, they’re still willing to be held and coddled.


Credit: @asainami1118

They’ll allow the petting, but they just might not be paying full attention to you. The treats hold all their attention and they will get some eventually!


Credit: @jackc3592

These boys have their hands and laps full petting three pugs at once. They even have identifiable jerseys so you can call them by name! You even get a family tree.


Credit: @cindygchen

You’ll definitely be a pug whisperer by the end of your visit. This guy has three pugs on him! And he’s not even holding any treats.

Old or young, all these pugs need some cuddles!


Credit: @pugs__befo__drugs

Look at this old squishy face getting some proper hugs and love from a visitor. You can’t tell by the pug’s face, but we think both parties love it.


Credit: @redsheephilo

People from everywhere are all for this pug café idea. Even this pug can’t contain itself. Just look at the face! “Ermaghad, hugs, treats, people!!”


Credit: @superwonga

Best date idea? We think so! This is definitely #PugDateGoals. They’re just taking over those people. Look at the one trying to climb on the guy’s back!

And if photos aren’t enough, there are VIDEOS.

They just stare as if you’re one giant treat and they’re super yippy!


Credit: @yukishire_lass

These pugs have one goal, and one goal only – to eat as many treats as they can get these poor humans to give them. And they know they’ll achieve it because whose heart wouldn’t melt for these pugs?!

So many pugs!!!! #pugcafe #thingsyoufindinjapan

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This pug doesn’t know what do, so he’s just spinning round and round.

You can check out the pug café’s Instagram @kyoto_pugcafe_livingroom or check out the #PugCafe hashtag on Instagram.