Teddy The Pug Is The Most At Being The Baby Brother

But Alphie and their cat brother love him anyways

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

Can you tell without looking at their names which one is Teddy? Yup, the one with the smile that lasts for days! And Alphie is right next to him, patiently taking the photo with him.

Being the youngest has its perks. The youngest experiences the meticulous attention the first siblings went through. They get free reign because their parents already know how to keep them happy! They’re just so excited about life and learning new things. That’s exactly what Teddy the Pug does. We’ve seen him before when he was a wee puppy because he used to sleep with a soother. But now he’s a tad bigger and loves his two big brothers so much!

Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

Now both of the Pugs are excited because it’s outside time! They even have their bright harnesses on to prevent excited runs from choking them. Now they just need to be let out!

Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

And Teddy just loves Alphie so much. Wherever Alphie is sleeping, Teddy is right there with him even if Alphie opposes.

Let’s see what other shenanigans Teddy gets himself into.
Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

“Look how many toys I can choose from! And I can reach!” We think he wants one of everything for him AND Alphie. What a very considerate little brother.

Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

And he’s a little flower to brighten up your day. We want all dogs to wear something like this all the time! Except they might just bump into each other due to lack of visibility, but it would definitely be adorable.

Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

“Do you need help with defeating the angry vacuum? I can definitely help with yapping at it till it stops!” At least he faces his demons instead of fleeing!

But what Teddy really loves is invading his older brother’s personal space.
Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

Ever since he was a wee puppy, he was on top of Alphie during Alphie’s many naps. “Don’t worry, bro, I’ll wait here until you’re ready.”

Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

Sometimes, he’d join Alphie when he’d nap because waiting wasn’t the most productive thing to do! They’re stackable Pugs melting into one big Pug!

Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

And he still does it to this day. He sleeps right up in Alphie’s business. “Does he really have to sleep right here all the time?” That’s what brothers are for!

And the cat isn’t as accommodating to Teddy as Alphie is, even to Alphie!
Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

“There’s not enough room for two here on this lap! One of us will have to leave.” Just by looking at their faces, we don’t think either of them is willing to move.

But Alphie’s been up in the cat’s face ever since he came into the family, and he definitely will not back down!

Credit: Instagram / @alphie.and.teddy.pug

But sometimes they lie together – only sometimes. Only when Teddy is a calm baked potato and is lying down will the cat stay close to him.

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