Mr. FinnGrey And Mr. Romeo: The Kitties That Are So Dapper It Hurts

They own more bow ties and bandanas than your average teenage boy.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @mr.finngrey

They’re even embellished with hearts for Mr. Romeo and with tiny Nutella packages for Mr. FinnGrey! Sometimes, our pets get cuter customizable apparel than we do!

Living in Frankfurt, Mr. Romeo and Mr. FinnGrey spend their days lounging around home in adorable bows and bandanas. They’re absolutely amazing models and are very photogenic. Not only do they take beautiful and adorable photos in dapper outfits, but they also have Sunday Love posts with shoutouts to their other beautiful kitty friends! Their account shows their fab outfits and also spreads love and awareness. Mr. Romeo himself was adopted from a shelter and gives and gets so much love at home!

Credit: Instagram / @mr.finngrey

The original owner of the account, Mr. FinnGrey – he’s the master modeler and lover of Nutella –, can melt your soul with his mesmerizing eyes.

Credit: Instagram / @mr.finngrey

The sillier one of the two is Mr. Romeo. His mum’s favorite saying is “You can’t buy love, but you can adopt it,” and Romeo is the love she adopted!

They have bows for every occasion and can match with anything!
Credit: Instagram / @mr.finngrey

The blue accentuates Finn’s fur and makes the blue dots in the background pop! Finn and his mum know exactly what to do when they have photo shoots.

Credit: Instagram / @mr.finngrey


Romeo could match with any color since his white fur contrasts well with anything, but he gets to wear the colorful dotted bow tie to match the colorful wall!

Credit: Instagram / @mr.finngrey

And these bows go with the decorations so well! The pink in Romeo’s bow goes with the butterfly and the purply blue goes with the flowers! These two just contrast and complement all colors so well!

It’s not their bows that make the photo. It’s their attitudes!
Credit: Instagram / @mr.finngrey

“OMG the flowers changed!” Yes, Finn, and we think your sparkly purple tie is absolutely smashing. Kitties can’t be so melancholy all the time.

Credit: Instagram / @mr.finngrey

Even though we know Romeo is a boy, he looks exactly like Marie from The Aristocats in this photo! He is absolutely disappointed with the bubble, though. We think he’d prefer to take a nap.

Credit: Instagram / @mr.finngrey

“Mum, why does Romeo always have to stare at me like this??” We think he’s just looking up to his big brother and wanting to be just as handsome as he is!

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