6 Photos Of The World’s Biggest Bunny Breed

Bring on the chocolate and the giant bunnies!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Caters TV YouTube

Credit: YouTube / Caters TV

Did you know, in 2015 Darius was the world’s biggest bunny weighing in at 63 pounds and measuring four feet long? His biggest competition was his son Joe who was 3.8 feet long!

It’s Easter time! If you only care about Easter for the colossal amounts of chocolate and adorable stuffed bunnies, lambs, and chicks, then maybe you’ll appreciate this real-life giant Easter bunny! The Flemish Giant rabbit from Belgium (originally bred for meat and fur) is the ancestor of many bunny breeds around the world. The minimum weight of these rabbits is 14 pounds, just to give you an idea of how big they get. It takes about a year to a year and a half for these bunnies to fully grow. Boy, do they grow!

So here are some photos of these big bunnies as pets!


Credit: Instagram / @animalsiblings

Like puppies, they are also engrossed in their reflections. She is checking out her well-grown dewlap. Who else wants to pet it?

Like any other pet, these bunnies enjoy car rides, sunbathing, and watching you eat.


Credit: Instagram / @carltheflemishgiant

Flemish Giants will tower over any small dog breeds. Just look at Carl and sidekick Kenna. Kenna wants to play, but Carl isn’t having it.


Credit: Instagram / @francistheflemishgiant

Francis has ears for days. She’s impatiently looking at whoever is taking this picture thinking, “I want to go outside and hop freely!!”


Credit: Instagram / @gbzots

Onslow is guarding Yan Yan while he’s in his box. No one can pass Onslow while Yan Yan is in his chosen kingdom.

If you want bunny ears hopping around your house, maybe you need a Flemish Giant.


Credit: Instagram / @greenham_sammich

And like any other curious animal, bunnies will also come investigate when you open something snacky. It’s all about sharing and loving each other, right?

We hope you get some yummy chocolates to celebrate the Easter season!