Can you Guess Which X-Men Star is Fostering a Pit Bull?

One hint: it’s not Hugh Jackman

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @SirPatStew / Twitter

Yup, it’s Mr. Xavier aka Patrick Stewart! And his heart totally melted for Ginger his foster pit bull! His pit bull even made it onto a talk show already.

Earlier this weekend, Patrick Stewart posted a video on Twitter showing him meeting his foster pit bull, Ginger, for the first time. In the video, Stewart and Ginger are just so excited to meet each other that it’ll give you the feels for a week. Ginger is the first pit bull for Patrick and his partner to adopt, which sets a good example for his following to show just how playful and gentle pit bulls can be. Yay for adoption encouragement.

Have a look at Ginger!


Credit: @SirPatStew / Twitter

A screenshot of Ginger and Stewart having a good time in the pool – Ginger can’t stop licking Patrick’s head! Apparently it was supposed to be a swimming lesson, but Ginger was a little distracted. Watch it here.


Credit: @SirPatStew / Twitter

Another video of just Patrick Stewart showering Ginger with pets and love! It’s just so intimate and adorable it’ll make you want to cuddles something too! Watch it here.


Credit: TBS

And Ginger even made it on Conan! Conan showed Ginger and Patrick’s first meeting to his audience while he interviewed Patrick on Logan.

Watch the full video here:

You could totally adopt Patrick Stewart’s dog since he’s just fostering Ginger! Or you can consider adopting or fostering yourself! Either way – what a sweet relationship.