Murphy the Golden Doodle Will Definitely Make Your Day

It’s all about her facial expressions, “drinking” habits, and #conelife

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

Murphy the Golden Doodle identifies herself as part human. And after a scroll through her Instagram, you’ll totally agree. Her humans dress her up in a human and pose her by the counter with a drink at hand and she’ll smile all by herself! It’s not editing – it’s all Murphy. She has over thirteen thousand followers on Instagram who love her photos. She loves kicking back with a beer or a glass of wine in her free time. That just means in the time where she’s not eating pizza or any other carb. But recently she’s had to wear the Cone of Shame. Since every hour for Murphy is happy, she’s made the best of it.

Murphy doesn’t let the cone stop her from her favorite past time – eating and drinking!!

Other than carbs, her other love is definitely alcohol!


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

She even became her own martini glass with giant olives. Since she can’t technically drink inside her cone, she made her own to enjoy.


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

And when she’s not feeling the martini life, she’ll definitely enjoy a pint of beer. You can tell by her face that she’s ready for it and for some funny Internet videos.


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

When it’s time to wind down, it’s all about that wine life. She’s got her bath robe on and thinking about whether she should enjoy this glass in the bath or by the TV.

But the best thing for Murphy is when she gets a drink AND carbs.


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

“Pizza? Don’t mind if I do!” If you don’t act fast enough, she may just eat the whole thing. Whoever got the first two slices was a genius!


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

She even has gear to speak for her when she has her mouth full. “I got the pizza if you get the beer!” She’s rather convincing with both her eyes and the box of pizza!


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

Sometimes you’ve got to get the hard liquor out to get the real silliness out of her. It’s all about the tequila and the salt, baby!

It’s not always pizza and it’s not always the same drink either!


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

Sometimes Murphy has her paws in ice cream, chips, and what looks like a quesadilla! We applaud her. It’s not easy to savour all those things at once.


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

For National Hot Sauce Day, she didn’t hold back. She made a Taco-tini and a Taco Bloody Mary with extra sauce! We also think she may have made up National Hot Sauce Day just as an excuse to make these.


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

Murphy is definitely part human. Look at her enjoying a movie with a big ol’ bucket of popcorn. With the cone, she just had to wiggle her face to get some popcorn – the regular way looks like more effort.

But Murphy’s genius in more ways than one when it comes to eating a drinking.


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

When it’s that lazy afternoon and you’ve been in your pjs all day, you just have to find a way to do the absolute least when t comes to eating and drinking. And Murphy’s got it down with her popcorn in her hood along so she just has both paws to drink her wine!


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

The only way to eat candy is to lie in bed with your comfy clothes on and just eat them all at once! And she’s doing just that with the face of content.


Credit: Instagram / @thatgoldendoodle

Sometimes you’ve got to accept your instincts and be the basic Starbucks girl inside. And she’s got the beanie and infinity scarf down. Murphy really knows how to everything well and 100%!

To follow this silly, part human doodle, follow Murphy on Instagram @thatgoldendoodle.