Clay County’s Newest K9 Recruits Are Rescued Pit Bulls!

These Pit Bulls get another chance and a job right out of the shelter, hurray!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Facebook / Clay County NC Sheriff’s Office 

Look how excited this once homeless Pibble is to start working as a county dog! Phantom was rescued from a shelter in Texas by UniversalK9 an organization that trains pups for law enforcement!

These Pit Bulls are ready to defeat negative stereotypes people have given them as a breed. North Carolina’s Clay County Sheriff’s Office saw the potential of these two Pibbles and hired them to be narcotic detection dogs. Phantom and Sarah were two of many Pit Bulls left in shelters, but they had the fortune to get another chance.


Credit: Facebook / Clay County NC Sheriff’s Office 

Animal Farm Foundation rescued Sarah from a shelter in New York. Rescuing Phantom and Sarah saved them from poor conditions, and it also saved taxpayers’ money! Win-win.

It usually costs anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 for a purebred German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois! By rescuing pups from shelters, people are saving money and, more importantly, saving innocent pups from being euthanized.


Credit: Facebook / Clay County NC Sheriff’s Office 

So, shoutout to Clay County for giving two Pit Bulls a chance and a new purpose in life. And another shoutout for not discriminating against their breed – #DontBullyMyBreed!