This Family Has So Many Kittens That You Can Barely Count Them

But who can really have enough kittens, anyways?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @omajeeb

Who needs more than one pet bed when all of your kittens can fit on one? One bed for seven kittens? That’s a good deal.

When you get a kitten for the first time, the kitty might seem like a handful – literally a handful. But a hand full of fluff may cause you to worry like the kitty’s your own baby. Is the kitten fed? Is the kitten tired? Where is the kitten? But when you have more than one or even more than five, all these questions and worries might just multiply!

But again, at this house, the fun never stops with all these roly-poly kittens around. They learn how to walk together, and they learn how to investigate, too! You can do a lot of things with kittens apparently, including putting them in containers.

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When one of the kittens hides in the paper bag, the other must do anything to try to get him out! And even though it might look simple to us, this kitty just bats at the bag and it’s adorable.


Credit: Instagram / @omajeeb

“I’m not quite sure when I made this kitty, but it’s kind of weird.” It’s okay, kitty. She just looks like an innocent white fluff ball for now. Wait until she grows!

You get kittens of all different sizes and colors!

Credit: Instagram / @omajeeb

Princess kitty and chubby kitty are all set for a photo shoot, but they seem to be distracted by something next to the camera. It’s probably other kittens fighting it out.

Credit: Instagram / @omajeeb

And don’t worry about missing out on these kittens growing because some of them are identical but in different sizes! They look like a fluffy set of Matryoshka dolls!


Credit: Instagram / @omajeeb

Sometimes, when there’s so much going on you just have to lie down and just stare into the void like this kitty. He doesn’t even care what his siblings are doing.

They’re so tiny that they can fit anywhere!


Credit: Instagram / @omajeeb

Popcorn, anyone? The flavors come in fluffy and fluffier. And you only get one per customer or else you might be overwhelmed by what really pops out of the container!


Credit: Instagram / @omajeeb

Kittens fit right under their mother’s chin. It’s optimal for warmth, and to feel purring and heartbeats! Both mum and kitten are ready for a nap.


Credit: Instagram / @omajeeb

But if you need a quick alternative, the Pink Panther can hold your extremely fluffy and bendy kitten. Just add a blanket for warmth!

To follow this big cat family, check out their Instagram @omajeeb!