12 Of Our Favorite Easter Bu–Puppies!

Bunny ears look cute on anybody, but they’re especially cute on dogs!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @itsdougthepug

But it’s not JUST bunny ears. The Easter Bunny can’t lay the eggs that he hides. He needs his trusted chick friends to lay them. And Doug the Pug looks oh-so-thrilled to be a Peep.

Before you even start thinking about the Great Peep Debate (are they amazing or terrible?), we at Get Leashed hope you had an amazing long Easter weekend! Whether you juggled four different get-togethers all four days or used your days off to relax at home with your pet, we hope it was a great time.

But now, most of us are 🎶back to life, back to reality 🎶, and back to the regular workday or school day. We’re already looking forward to the next long weekend. We’re here at Get Leashed to get you through the long days with some adorable puppy photos. We have a great set for you today – dogs dressed up for Easter!

We know that your pupper is already adorable, au naturel, but if you put bunny ears or any kind of costume on them, we were looking! And we chose some of our favorites from Instagram.


Credit: Instagram / @leadheadred88

Dobermans are usually known for their pointy ears that make them look assertive all the time. But this Doberman is sporting some Minnie Mouse ears AND bunny ears. Who could resist smiling at this cute doggy?


Credit: Instagram / @harlowandsage

Big dogs and small dogs – we’ve got them all. Reese the Dachshund already has floppy ears, but they point to the ground rather than the sky like bunny ears. She tried on her bunny ears for Easter, and we think they fit her quite nicely.

Some of these pups weren’t thrilled about the ears, but they were definitely in it for the treats!


Credit: Instagram / @itsmoosethepug

All Moose knows about Easter is that if he waits patiently enough and lets his humans put him in whatever they want, he’ll get some nice treats! He didn’t even notice they put ears on him anyway!


Credit: Instagram / @dug.gus

We think Dug and Gus have been on the Easter train before and might just be a LITTLE tired of it. Or maybe it’s the excessive photo shoots they must have before they get to look for treats on the Easter egg hunt.


Credit: Instagram / @crusoe_dachshund

The only reason why Crusoe looks excited is the buck teeth. But little Crusoe has his eyes on the prize and is staying still for the photo so he can get his reward!

Some dog parents were smart and took photos of their pets AFTER they found their treats.


Credit: Instagram / @bebeo5o7

Just like senior Shih Tzu Bebe! Even if it might be his 10th Easter, he still gets excited for all the eggs he gets to find! He doesn’t even look grumpy about taking photos with all the stuffed bunnies and eggs!


Credit: Instagram / @cooper.thegoldenboy

Cooper doesn’t care about the eggs. All he wants is the attention he’s getting with these new super cool ears! He’s also wondering why he can’t hear from them when he puts them on.


Credit: Instagram / @itsdougthepug

Doug’s egg basket is full of goodies everyone loves. We’re not sure who hid all the pizza, but bless whoever was generous enough to hide Reese’s packages! Oh and +10 points for the bunny teeth!

Some pups were happier than others to put on these ears.


Credit: Instagram / @breeze_through_life

These Sheltie siblings were more than happy to don their adorable fuzzy ears for Easter! We wonder if they did their Easter egg hunt out there in the marshlands.


Credit: Instagram / @vancitychief

Chief wasn’t so thrilled about his bunny ears OR waiting for the Easter egg hunt. “How long do you want me to wait, people? I put the ears on and now I have to sit still for another minute! Boo!”


Credit: Instagram / @eggnogthebulldog

Eggnog, one of Instagram’s most spoiled Bulldogs, is not so happy about her Peep costume anyways. “Mum, you’re crazy. This Peep costume makes me look more roly-poly than I need to look!” We think you look cute, Noggin’!


Credit: Twitter / @RobertDowneyJr

Did you put any costumes on your pups? Share the photographic evidence with us!