Steve From Blue’s Clues is Alive and Well and Has a Dog

Think you can guess the dog’s name?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: @nickelodeon

Who remembers watching Steven and Blue solve problems, riddles, and puzzles on the Thinking Chair?? I do! I do! I do!

Well, Blue’s Clues is turning 21 this year!

Happy Birthday to Blue’s
Happy Birthday to Blue’s
Happy Birthday Dear Blue’s Clues!
Happy Birthday to Blue’s

For six years, Steve and Blue, an animated pup, entertained audiences around the world by presenting them with puzzles, problems, and riddles to solve. Blue would routinely offer up clues to help viewers out. Thanks, Blue!

Now, was anyone else, and be honest, upset when Steve Burns left for school and Donovan Patton replaced him? 🙁

To be honest, everyone missed Steve.

Credit: @steveburnsalive

In a picture posted to his Instagram account — @steveburnsalive — Steve Burns is seen rocking some sweet frames and some effortlessly put together style. Very hipster, Mr. Burns.

In typical Hollywood fashion, after Steve Burns left the show a rumor started to circulate that he had cancer and died. But to our great relief Steve Burns is alive and well!

His Instagram handle is no doubt a witty response to those terrible rumors. As it turns out, he left the show because it was “just time” to move on and to begin pursuing a singing career. Good on you, Steve.

Credit: @steveburnsalive

In addition to the happy news that Steve is alive, we’ve got another slice of positivity for you. We recently discovered that Steve now has a dog of his very own, a boxer named Mickey!

And while he says that a lot of people just assume he’d name his dog Blue, this handsome canine is, in fact called, Mickey.

We hope they solve problems together, including the ever-popular “who ripped up all the dog toys?” “Who hid a bone in the couch?” and “where did all the dog treats go?”

These are all problems that needs solving ASAP.

Credit: @steveburnsalive

It is what you think it is… Mickey is getting cozy on an iconic chair. Can you guess where it’s from 😉 ?

That’s right! Steve is the proud owner of the Blue’s Clues Thinking Chair! It looks like Mickey is getting some serious thinking value out of it. I wonder what he’s ponder…

Credit: @steveburnsalive

Unlike Blue, Mickey prefers to rest and not solve mysteries; although, I’m sure you could persuade him with some treats, a belly rub, or a nice long walk to the park.

Solving mysteries and puzzles can be a tiring job, but somebody’s got to do it!

Credit: @steveburnsalive

Here’s Mikey hanging out with neighborhood dogs and pet parents. Where’s Steve? He’s likely taking the picture, but it’s a mystery that needs solving, ha!

We’re so happy to see Steve again and to meet Mikey for the first time! We also won’t argue if Steve wants to bring Blue’s Clues back, but we must insist that Mickey is included.

Nothing like nostalgia to bring you through the week.