10 Compelling Things Your Fur Friend Wants You To Know

But Can You Hear What They’re Saying?

By Catalina Barrios

There are days, especially in the evenings, when I talk and talk to my dog, forgetting he can’t answer back. All he does is stare at me and listen to what I say. Wouldn’t it be interesting if dogs could talk?

As time goes on you get to know your dog and he gets to know you. When you talk to your dog, he gives you a look to make you feel like they understand most of what you say.

Here are 10 things your dog wished you knew to hopefully make your relationship even better:

1. “I Know How You Feel.”

Your dog wishes you knew that they know how you feel. If you are happy, they feel happy. Not only do they sense how we feel but they also feel the same.

2. “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.”

Since they don’t speak, a dog’s primary language is body language. What you do is as important to them as what you say.

3. “You Don’t Own Me.”

You may be thinking that you own your dog, but the reality is your dog sees you as a family member who will always protect and take care of them. When you cuddle or sit by your dog when there are dogs around you, your dog lets other dogs know that they have an owner who gives them lots of love.

4. “I Get Lonely.”

Even though some dogs are ok when their owners leave home, others get angry or upset. By behaving badly, they want you to know they missed you and that their reaction, which may be biting your couch or eating a book, is because they fear you might not be coming back.

5. “If I Do Something Wrong, Let Me Know Right Away.”

If your dog does something wrong, they want you to tell them what they did immediately. If you wait until later to scold them, it won’t be clear why they are in trouble and may become confused.

6. “I Understand Your Tone.”

My mom always says: “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”, and I am sure it also applies when you are talking to your dog. Your dog can tell if your voice is tense or calm. They also sense our feelings from the tone of voice we use.

7. “I Enjoy Cuddling with You.”

This is one of the things I enjoy doing with my dog. When you cuddle with your dog, you are telling him he is part of your family and that he has the care, protection and love he needs.

8. “I Am Not a Child.”

It is fun playing dress up with kids, but dogs don’t feel the same. They prefer to play, run, and explore around, not playing dress up all the time. While some dogs love to wear clothing, others do not. Be sure to look for signs your dog is uncomfortable and adjust accordingly.

9. “I Want To Protect You.”

When they get close to you, or sit on your foot, it’s a dog’s way of saying you are their and they will protect you. To ensure your protection, your dog will bark at guests, growl at other dogs when being outside and also pull on their leash when you take them for a walk.

10. “I Need More Exercise.”

If you dog chews the furniture or runs around the coffee table, they are probably telling you they need more activity. It could be their way of saying: “I am bored, give me something to do.” Veterinarians recommend to give dogs at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

What do you think your dog would say if they could talk? What are your dog’s ways of telling you that you’re their favorite person in the world?