12 Shirtless Guys With Cats and Dogs

Something you didn’t know you needed during the workday.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @jules_horn

We don’t know where we’d we wanna sit in this photo shoot. But, there is a gap between the two goldens on the left, so we’re thinking right about there.

For some reason there are many shirtless men with dogs on social media. We thought we’d collect some for research purposes, of course, with a side of thinking of your entertainment. These young men, mostly models, are living their life in their prime with their wee pets and sharing it with the very observing Internet. But how could you resist any pictures with adorable puppers and kitties anyways?


Credit: @jeffkasser

Oh you know, just chilling on a patio with a kitty that took your spot. When will summer and relaxation come to rescue us from the weather that can’t change its mind?


Credit: @jules_horn

Kisses for the tiny pup! We wonder who needed a break on the run that day – we’re guessing it’s the one with littler legs.

But of course, it’s not just puppers that get the love, but kitties!


Credit: @klwhick

We think that this dude is a little weather confused with his hat and what looks like a one-piece long john. And the kitty looks extra fluffy to retain the heat.


Credit: @klwhick

But now he’s inside in just shorts training with this adorable doggo. We don’t think that the doggo is doing much training though.


Credit: @travbeachboy

Good thing kitties are one-handable, or else the kitty might just cover the important things – his sick tattoo sleeve! The kitty is not interested in this photo at all.

It’s all about the little pets making the men look extra strong.


Credit: @nick__bateman

Nick Bateman’s morning routine includes lifting one of his three pound Yorkies. We don’t think it’s working on much though, but at least they look good!


Travis doesn’t just love his kitty, but he’s all about working with tiny puppies on lots of construction projects. But I don’t think any of these things are up to code.


Credit: @nick__bateman

Another photo of Nick and his Yorkie on for a walk – we don’t think his Yorkie adds much weight to make his walk worth a work out!


Credit: @dimagornovskui

Dima and his new baby chocolate lab, Fieve! Do you think Fieve’s going to grow up stronger than Dima? We also can’t decide whose eyes are more endearing, but since we’re a pet magazine, the vote goes to the puppy.


Credit: @blvckmixed

We’d be just as happy to be in those arms too, pom! And who could resist staring at a pom puppy anyways? All you can do is coo and cuddle and pet those fluffy monsters.


Credit: @strazlan

You know you’re daddy when you piggy back your not-so-puppy animal Doberman. Stratton and Azlan are the epitome of a man and his best friend, but instead of being just his best friend, Azlan is Stratton’s son!

We hope these thirst traps will get you through the week.