15 Photos Of Dogs In Handbags!

Because if you could carry your best furry friend around, wouldn’t you?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @asterix_astrikur

Let’s face it. Doggies love walks, but they get tired. And when they get cranky and don’t want to walk anymore, you need an alternative.

There are perks of having a small dog. They’re easy to pick up when they’re making a mess or trying to assert their dominance with their eccentric yips. And bigger dogs have a lot more energy to exert and need bigger spaces to run around. Tiny dogs, on the other hand, can run from wall to wall in order to get tuckered out. So when you go out with your tiny dog and they’re too tired to walk anymore, you can fit them in one of your tote bags and they’ll be set! And if you go to a dog-friendly restaurant, they can sit with you! See – perks.

Credit: Instagram / @eurimm

With ears like these, Eurimm can fly away. Good thing she fits in this bag well so she can choose to nap rather than fly. (But you should check out the way she walks – it’s adorable).

Credit: Instagram / @konabears

Konabear looks absolutely precious in her Louis carrier! Crowds of dog-lovers would sweep up this little dog if she were let out. It’s all about protection for this little one.

If you have more than one little dog, then it could be a bag party!
Credit: Instagram / @hlee2433

Like these two Pomeranian siblings – look how excited they are to be outside in the natural sunlight. You can only stay cooped up in an apartment for so long!

It’s a fight for these two cuties to get into the bag. But we think that with some cooperation, they will both fit!

Credit: Instagram / @sunshine_taeyang_

Since these two are 90% fluff, they weigh nothing and one person can hold them at the same time. You don’t have to share if your human can hold both bags!

It’s also about traveling in style, too.
Credit: Instagram / @peabodythepuppy

This little puppy is ready for the New York commute in style with his human! Peabody even has a little vest on – too cute! He’s showing off his fashion sense from inside the handbag.

Credit: Instagram / @mynameis_mango

Mango is all about the accessories on his dog carrier. He even has his Starbucks ready for his outdoor adventure, and we’re guessing it’s mango flavored.

Credit: Instagram / @misssophiethefrenchie

Sophie loves her mum’s new bag so much that she gave her paw of approval after fitting herself in there comfortably. We wonder what else can go in there other than Sophie.

As long as puppers are with their humans, all is well.
Credit: Instagram / @i_am_tofu

Tofu is kept close to his human’s heart in his carrying bag. This carrying method is optimal for lots of pets and nuzzling! We approve of his carrying bag and his sweater.

Credit: Instagram / @littlemanponcho

Poncho fits right where children fit in the carts. And he’s still in the bag! He’s helping his mum with grocery shopping and with that look, he’s likely concerned because they’re not where the treats are.

Credit: Instagram / @orkyeh

Puppies are the best for fitting in handbags. Some puppies are the size of their stuffies, so you’re just storing them with their toys!

Any way you hold them, it just makes doing this more convenient.
Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Lunch date and no dog-sitter? No problem, just put your pooch in the bag and he can join you on your lunch date. If he behaves well, maybe he’ll get a bite.

Credit: Instagram / @dudeandbrody

Have some returns to do? Put the smaller of the two in your bag so he can sleep. The other one will just lie down when he can!

Credit: Instagram / @andreasif

If you ever just want to look down and see some cuteness peeking out of your bag, bring your pup! Just look how cute it’d be!