An Ode to Rolex the Frenchie aka The Watermelon Dog

An appreciation post for a Frenchie that made the Internet smile

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit:ย @shelisrolex

Rolex may just look like your run of the mill adorable Frenchie puppy, but to his mum he was so much more. He even stole the hearts of many on the Internet!

Rolex and his two sisters Sheli and Furrari have almost 51 thousand followers on Instagram. We think it could be for two reasons: Rolexโ€™s excited face and his love for wearing adorable costumes his mum gets for him. But what skyrocketed his attention on the Internet was his watermelon video where he was sitting INSIDE a watermelon and nomming away. Unfortunately, right after another video of him went viral, he went to dog heaven. So hereโ€™s an appreciation post to one of the many adorable Frenchies on the Internet!

Watermelon: food and shelter at the same time.


Credit:ย @shelisrolex

But even if heโ€™s not sitting inside it, Rolex still LOVES eating watermelon. And he loved it twice as better when someone is handfeeding him!

But weโ€™re not sure if itโ€™s just food that excited Rolex, or just life in general.


Credit:ย @shelisrolex

Rolex looking super cute in his Mickey costume at Disneyworld with his mum sporting his face on her T-shirt covered in, of course, watermelons!

This amazing peanut butter jar just keeps giving! Rolex loved another eat-in food container!


Credit:ย @shelisrolex

Rolex knows where to go to get lit. Beach days are the best days to lay around drinking cocktails and getting that little buzz in life!

Nothing in life got Rolex down.


Credit:ย @shelisrolex

Not even wearing the cone of shame! Look how happy he is to even just be out of surgery. Rolex sure knew how to see the silver lining in every situation. Or maybe he thought food was going to be poured in his cone!


Credit:ย @shelisrolex

Rolex didnโ€™t mind eating either way โ€“ regular or inside the actual container. He was just excited to be outside with his mum and the food was just a bonus.

I am reposting this video because Rolex is now our angel friend.. and I need help and strength from every single one of you to help me and my family get through this hard time. He was my best friend.. he was my son.. he was my Rollie Roll, he was my Rolexman, he was my nugget man, he was my sexy boy, he was my goofball, he was my corky child, he was my pride and joy, he was my heart. Rolex shared his personality with every single one of you and beyond. He brightened up rooms without even trying. He made millions and millions of people across the world smile through him just being him. Every comment read from all of you, as a person, made me so happy that my little pet was able to brighten up so many peoples days. He had something about him, and he had a purpose in this world. I'm so blessed to have been able to give him such a loving home, and loving life. He brought so much of EVERYTHING to my life. If Rolex ever made you smile, whether it was in person, through his videos, or pictures, please send positive vibes to the universe and eat some watermelon in honor of Rolex. All I ask, is that if Rolex turned one of your bad days into good day.. or made you smile, please share that time with me.. I want to hear about all the good times and ways he's touched your lives. This is a very difficult time on our family as a whole.. Please respect our pain & choice not to share details. We want him to be remembered for how he lived.. and how he loved. #RIPRolex #RememberingRolex

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Sadly, his time was short on this world, but he made the most of it! Rest in peace, Rolex!

To see all his videos and posts, check out his Instagram @shelisrolex.