Bentley The Cavalier King Charles Had It All Until His Parents Did This

His humans just HAD to add another puppy to the family

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @dudeandbrody

Once upon a time in June of 2010, Bentley came into his paw-rents life as tiny, floppy eared puppy in Austin, Texas. He was the star of the show and everyone fawned over him. But fast-forward 7 years later, and he got a little brother, Brody. He was the new tiny, floppy eared puppy. And you know what he got? His own Instagram page! Talk about being shoved aside when a new puppy comes around.

We’re just kidding! The Instagram page is called @dudeandbrody, so Dude gets his recognition as big brother. But the two are all kinds of adorable – it’s like a mismatched mini-me situation. But all Brody does really is fall asleep wherever he’s held.

And now Bentley aka Dude barely has any photos on their Instagram alone. Darn puppies being all-lovable and stuff.


Credit: @dudeandbrody

Dude had to wait for his paw-rents to come back from Nebraska with his new little brother. Who fell in love with them at first sight – how sweet is this photo, though?


Credit: @dudeandbrody

“I guess he’s okay.” – Dude. He didn’t completely resent his new brother. Look at them all cuddly and stuff.

Even though the Instagram was made when Brody came, Bentley didn’t seem to mind.


Credit: @dudeandbrody

Dude showing the Brody the wonders of the sidewalk – “This is where you watch everyone do their thing. We can’t chase, but we definitely can bark.”


Credit: @dudeandbrody

Brody looking all forlorn sitting alone in shotgun – We think he definitely misses his brig brother. But we don’t think any dog would go to the vet if they didn’t have to!


Credit: @dudeandbrody

Brody and his human uncle totes adorably matching in both outfit and sleeping position. That’s definitely how you take photos with your friend’s dog!

Everything is a bit better when you’re not the only one around, unless your brother is always asleep!


Credit: @dudeandbrody

But Brody, since he’s still a baby, likes to lie down and rest most of the time. Life’s hard when you’re that tiny and fluffy.


Credit: @dudeandbrody

But both brothers seem to fall asleep while their mum is shopping. “We’re not allowed to run around in the store, I guess this is the next best thing.”


Credit: @dudeandbrody

And riding shotgun is definitely better with your big brother – you keep each other warm. And you get a cute photo for everyone else who loves you on Instagram!

If you want to keep watching Brody grow, follow them on Instagram @dudeandbrody!