Blue the Aspiring Therapy Frenchie Looks Adorable Eating Anything

And he will really eat anything you give him.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @bluenjy

“How did you know I LOVE bananas?” He will now take his time enjoying it and it’s one of his favorites because he can hold it himself!

Blue is a Frenchie puppy who gets all kinds of coddled and spoiled. He plays with human baby toys, drinks from a bottle, and wears onesies! Like all Frenchies, his bat-like ears are standing and he’s totes adorable. But besides his babying and obvious puppy features, there’s one more thing that makes him that more lovable. His humans feed him random foods and he just gobbles them up! The Internet found out and he went viral and has over 12 thousand followers on Instagram! Plus he’s an aspiring therapy dog – win, win, win!

Blue licking a spoonful of cream and enjoying it so much he licked it off his paws!


Credit: @bluenjy

When he’s not eating, his humans are playing with all the wonderful folds he was born with. That’s what squishy breeds like his are for, right? Plus that under bite and floppy tongue makes it that much better.

They’re also teaching him to balance foods on his face, but everything ends up in his mouth or all over.


Credit: @bluenjy

Look how many crackers he can balance on his nose. But the look on his face is of pure torture since he wants to eat them all! You’ll get to eat them eventually, Blue!

Blue enjoying a Mandarin while getting packed away – too cute.  Perhaps his healthy snacking will rub off on us…and perhaps, not so much.


Credit: @bluenjy

Just kidding, they were never packing away this cutie. Look at him sunbathing in his little towel! He’s like an actual infant!

And like any baby, eating is not a graceful act for Blue.


Credit: @bluenjy

Everyone eats hash browns from McDonalds like this. There’s no shame, Blue! Get in there. And like everyone else, there are crumbs absolutely everywhere!

O.m.g. Broccoli! Blue has to have some veggies sometimes.


Credit: @bluenjy

Speaking of healthy, frozen yogurt counts as being healthy, right? Because it’s yogurt and you can put fruits in it…Blue’s counting it as his healthy meal anyways!

Blue lives an easy life of relaxing and eating all the time, it makes us a tad bit jealous!

And bath time of course includes some fried chicken!


Credit: @bluenjy

And after the bath, it’s time to relax in your jammies and enjoy a cup of tea to end the day. If only we could have more baths then the quick showers we have because of the long working day!

Those sounds though 🐰🥕🐰🥕🐨🥕🐘

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Lying with a bunch of bunnies and munching on a carrot in preparation for Easter – sounds like a good deal to us!

To follow Blue and his munching adventures, follow him on Instagram @bluenjy!