California Cat Goes Missing for Four Years and Ends Up in Canada

BooBoo the cat will make you scratch your head, but at least we know microchips work!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Scholl Animal Hospital / Facebook

This tired kitty must have had quite a journey getting from California all the way northeast to Guelph, Ontario! At least she’s comfy.

Cats like to wander outside, and most cat owners trust that their kitties will come back eventually. But, Ashley Aleman’s cat left and never came back four years ago. Melissa Stolz from Guelph’s humane society said that they received BooBoo a month ago. After checking the microchip, it lead them to Watsonville, California where the Aleman’s live.

KSBW Caitlin Conrad

Credit: KSBW Caitlin Conrad / Facebook

BooBoo was found in perfect condition and had no problems at all at the humane society. Stolz assumes someone had been taking good care of BooBoo while she was on her adventure.

After she went on her own in 2013, Aleman assumed that BooBoo just wandered away with the rest of the stray cats in the area. Since she never came back, the family didn’t know how to track her down and let her wander free.


Credit: Guelph Humane Society / Facebook

Aleman’s mother made the trip to Buffalo, New York to meet with a Canadian animal protection officer who drove BooBoo to the border. BooBoo will now be an indoor cat with her new cat sibling!

A happy ending to an almost unbelievable adventure.  Although the cat didn’t exactly come back, they’re reunited just the same.