Can You Guess How Many Followers the World’s Most Famous Munchkin Cat Has?

And there’s no doubt about why he’s so popular, just look at his face!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

He’s so popular that he’s always on his smartphone doing SOMETHING, but even his humans can barely get a text back. The attention must be that overwhelming.

He’s mostly white with some brown patches and striking blue eyes. Besides his eyes, there’s another thing that makes him beautiful: his tiny, tiny legs! Albert the munchkin cat is so popular that he has over half a million followers on Instagram – about 505 thousand followers to be a little bit more exact. On average he can get from 20 thousand to 30 thousand likes on his posts! Talk about a kitty with a large audience and a lot of opportunities. You’ll soon see why he’s so popular when you look through some of his photos.

Have a look at handsome Albert and his tiny munchkin legs


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

With all his support from his social media, he gets to vacation at cool places like these with all the margaritas he can have! Which is probably 0, but all the water he can have!


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

Like many other pets, Albert is in an epic battle with the house vacuum. But his vacuum seems to have a life of its own. What were people thinking in making the Roomba?

Albert is so small that you can fit him anywhere!


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

When you’re on vacation with Albert, all you have to do is keep him in the extra housecoat and he’ll nestle himself there. Talk about light packing.


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

Instead of putting little snacks in a bowl by the door, Albert’s family just puts Albert in a bowl. Their guests can pet him as they walk into the home. How hospitable!


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

But if you need to hold him, you can hold him with one hand while you take a photo. All that fluff is just for show. He’s actually tinier underneath!

He’s also a sucker for accessories and outfits.


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

Albert’s ready for some wrestling! He’s even has his game face on. Who is going to challenge this ferocious kitty?


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

When you have a banana suit and a mini tub, you have to take a photo and be a banana split sundae kitty! Except he doesn’t look so pleased to be a banana :\.


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

And of course this fancy cat has the nicest whip you could find. An Audi for the kitty please, and um, you’re in the way! Beep Beep.

It’s all about being a kitten at the end of the day anyways.


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

Fresh towels are a definite attraction for kittens for nappy naps. After this big stretch, Albert fell asleep and didn’t let his humans put it away.


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

His instincts are still there too. He peeks around the corner to make sure there’s no surprises. Or maybe he’s looking for his toy to pounce on!


Credit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

As long as Albert has his big bed and cute pillowcases, he and his mouse stuffy are all set for his third nap! What a comfy looking kitty.

To join his loyal following of a half million fans, check out his Instagram @albertbabycat!