Do You Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Live With 7 Kittens?

Well, this foster Momma knows and it’s ridiculously adorable.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @whiskersnpurrs

There’s seven of them and one of you! Can you imagine what this basket of kitties is capable of? At least you save on sleeping space since they like sleeping with each other.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Kristi Bells is currently fostering 7 white kittens. They are all a handful when they’re not taking a catnap. They climb, they investigate, they nibble, and they constantly follow! When Kristi puts something new in a room, they all sniff and investigate at once, hesitantly batting whatever it is with their tiny paws. If it’s a container, they all figure out how to fit inside together. And when Kristi tries to do yoga, they are right there with her. It’s basically just having a lot of fluffy minions around the house.

They nibble, they climb, and they’re just everywhere! Good thing they’re cute and light and only slightly destructive.


Credit: @whiskersnpurrs

And when you point the camera at them, 99% of the time they will stare at you like you’re an alien. Anything captures their attention.

The thrills of growing up with your siblings are learning together and working together.


Credit: @whiskersnpurrs

Whenever Kristi tries to eat anything, the kittens are there watching her every move. They’re probably waiting for a moment of weakness to steal a tomato!

When they discovered a moth, they all had to know what it was and what it did.

Doesn’t this make you want to start fostering kitties too?

Credit: @whiskersnpurrs

Even when it’s uncomfortable, they must all sleep together. Even if it means half hanging from the basket and sleeping on the floor.

If they’re not nosing around, they’re probably napping.


Credit: @whiskersnpurrs

And if it’s not all 7 of them, then they find a partner to nap. These two look both uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time. Good thing kittens are bendy!


Credit: @whiskersnpurrs

This basket definitely ensures a paw to at least one kitten’s ear and at least one kitten hanging off the edge. And since we only see six, there just might be on under some of them!


Credit: @whiskersnpurrs

But life is always exciting being a foster mom because they just pile up wherever you are, keeping you warm and definitely entertained!

To follow the foster adventures of Kristi, follow her page @whiskersnpurrs.