Fat And Grumpy Kitty Will Put Garfield To Shame

This cat is bringing grumpy back…

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co
Garfield was created by Jim Davis.

This is the face this cat makes when it sits up. No one made it sit up. It sat up all by its grumpy self. 

I have a special spot in my heart for chubby cats. Now, I’m in no way condoning overfeeding cats to make them chubby, but I do know that all cats are born with primordial pouches of varying sizes. You’re probably asking your computer screen, “What do primordial pouches do?” They protect cats’ stomachs and allow them to expand to make room for food. Some cats have bigger pouches than others and that’s totally okay with me! These naturally bodacious felines have a hilariously grumpy deMEANour — ha ha ha  — that make us want to give them an abundance of attention and affection. Let’s just say that’s not the reaction these roly-poly cats were hoping for.

This rotund grump is one of three kitties on the @bo_mang_co Instagram. We’ve got Boss, Manggo, and Coco, but we’ll be perfectly honest, we’re not 100 percent sure which cat has what name. We do know that they like lazing on the floor and moving as little as possible.

You’ve gotta do what makes you happy, even if that’s doing nothing at all!

“I don’t care about your toy offerings, human! You are not getting my attention. You are not getting my attention.” 

There’s no better way to stop pets from fighting over the prized “favorite toy” than buying multiples of it and giving each pet their own. It looks like that’s what this trio’s owner did! Unfortunately, this method may lead you on a path towards hoarding pet toys. You win some, you lose some.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

Sometimes, and only sometimes, this cat shows some emotion when you throw the right toy. This photo captures that rare moment. It may look like it’s playing, but it’s actually fighting the toy for disturbing its peace and quiet. I think this whole carfuffle was started by its owner.

We say this cat is just grumpy, but it shows other emotions, too.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

The “I’m hungry. Feed me.” look is a staple in the Non-Verbal Communication Handbook for Cats. That’s probably because it has a high success rate and requires minimal effort. One part exposed cat belly, one part pink tongue, and one part loving stare = “What can I get for my adorable, kitty cat?”

It’s almost too easy.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

Every cat has a signature pose or lazing position. Sitting upright with a sour expression is this cat’s go-to. I’m so tempted to tell this cat to “Turn That Frown Upside Down,” but I have a sneaking suspicion it will run after me with its claws out. I’d like to avoid confrontation with this cat.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

Sleeping time appears to be the happiest time for this cat. Its angelic smile is giving us a false sense of security. One second, you’re giving it scratches behind the ears. The next second, you’re running away from its scary hisses and sharp claws. I’d rather let the sleeping cat sleep.

This cat is never full committed to lying down.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

This grump is not sure about this position because it doesn’t yield an optimal level of comfort. In the name of cat comfort research, it is probably just going to stay in this position for a while. We’ll check back in a few weeks to see how much progress has been made!


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

On some rare occasions, this cat sits on a comfy desk chair and makes demands. These demands might include treats, spotless litter boxes, and new toy orders. I warned you about the pet toys, so just be wary there.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

This might be a big cat, but it fits, it sits! This cat is strategic planning how it will “fit” its entire body into this tiny circle. There is one rule to this game: no part of the body can hang out. I think we’re in for some major grumpiness when this plan fails.

This is one determined kitty.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

This cat made many valiant attempts to fit its giant belly in the circle. Unfortunately, not all of the cat fit comfortably into the teeny tiny space. Who wants to tell the cat it didn’t win the game? Not me, please.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

This glaring cat’s curves fit comfortably in this vibrant container. While there’s not enough room to lie down in this container, it does offers up an excellent vantage point for glaring at the world.


Credit: Instagram / @bo_mang_co

This full-bellied cat has a lot of love to give and evil stares to share! Keep up with this cat and its two companions by following @bo_mang_co on Instagram.