Hana the Scottish Fold Has Eyes That Will Melt Your Soul

With those eyes, she’d definitely get anything she wants!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @hana__kitty

She may look surprised, but we absolutely think she knows she’s super adorable. We also think she has an inkling that she’s Internet famous with almost 260 thousand followers on Instagram!

We’ve seen a lot of Puss in Boots impersonators on the Internet with all these kitties and their big, round eyes, but Hana is an entity of her own. Living in Japan with a few other kitties, Hana caught the Internet’s attention with her eyes. No matter what angle you take of Hana, her eyes are the first things that catch your eye. AND she also does the cute thing where she sits like a human. It’s a win from us!


Credit: @hana__kitty

The way she lies down and stares up at you makes you want to feed her all the treats like a Greek goddess – and boop her nose as much as you can.


Credit: @hana__kitty

A lady is a lady no matter how she sits. And this is how Hana sits, and can we say it’s is absolutely fabulous! However, we think she may have been caught off guard.

Her eyes are so big that it’s like their capturing your heart.


Credit: @hana__kitty

It looks like she just peeped out to say hello, but something else caught her attention. Is it another cat? Light? A ghost? We’ll never know.


Credit: @hana__kitty

She may have almost 260 thousand people who love her, but she’s got her paws on her very own frog prince. And he looks like he knows he’s a lucky frog!


Credit: @hana__kitty

Hana is staring at you with her gorgeous eyes and inviting you to pet her right under her chin. She promises she will purr louder than an engine!

And like we said, no matter what, her eyes are the brightest feature of the photo.


Credit: @hana__kitty

Her eyes are just as vibrant even right out of bath time. They’re so big that you can read them immediately and she’s not so thrilled that she had to endure water.


Credit: @hana__kitty

But once she’s dry and fluffy again, she’s right back to staring at something you can’t see. Whatever it is, it intrigues Hana to no end.


Credit: @hana__kitty

This look probably says, “I’m very comfortable here. Are you going to make yourself comfortable too?? Please pet me.” Who could resist that offer?

Hana essentially has two looks: surprised or endearing.


Credit: @hana__kitty

And we don’t know what we love more – she’s got her “hands up” since she was caught being too cute. Time for belly rubs!


Credit: @hana__kitty

“I am shocked and appalled that you did not bring treats back from wherever you went outside. That is the only valid reason why you should be outside.” We’d imagine she’s a bit of a princess.


Credit: @hana__kitty

“It’s okay I lay down for a while and I forgive you, but will you please sit with me and pet me?” Her face is just so precious!

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