Joe Biden May Have a BFF Other Than Obama. Biden the Golden for 2020

Could This Be The Next Great Political Partnership? Joe Biden Meets Biden the Golden

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @bidenthegolden

If all we need is a candidate with passion and love for the states, then Biden the Golden is the one we need! He’s only a puppy and he’s already got it down.

The oh so meme-able, totally #goals friendship of Obama and Biden is known as  BFFs of the century in the White House, but we think we found a match made in heaven for Joe Biden in the form of a Golden Retriever puppy! Four-month-old Biden lives in D.C. with his human, Sydney. She even brought him to meet her puppy’s namesake at the Capitol. At the one-year anniversary Affordable Care Act, Biden the human spotted Biden the puppy and came to say hello!

See all the amazing moments from their meeting:


Credit: @bidenthegolden

They even took selfies together! And both Bidens squint in the same way – definitely a perfect match. Biden the puppy even covered Biden with kisses! We hope they started planning their campaign together.


Credit: @bidenthegolden

We think Biden is unquestioningly ready to take his place in the White House. Look how serious he is just taking a picture!

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