Joe Biden May Have a BFF Other Than Obama. Biden the Golden for 2020

Could This Be The Next Great Political Partnership? Joe Biden Meets Biden the Golden

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @bidenthegolden

If all we need is a candidate with passion and love for the states, then Biden the Golden is the one we need! He’s only a puppy and he’s already got it down.

The oh so meme-able, totally #goals friendship of Obama and Biden is known as  BFFs of the century in the White House, but we think we found a match made in heaven for Joe Biden in the form of a Golden Retriever puppy! Four-month-old Biden lives in D.C. with his human, Sydney. She even brought him to meet her puppy’s namesake at the Capitol. At the one-year anniversary Affordable Care Act, Biden the human spotted Biden the puppy and came to say hello!

See all the amazing moments from their meeting:


Credit: @bidenthegolden

They even took selfies together! And both Bidens squint in the same way – definitely a perfect match. Biden the puppy even covered Biden with kisses! We hope they started planning their campaign together.


Credit: @bidenthegolden

We think Biden is unquestioningly ready to take his place in the White House. Look how serious he is just taking a picture!

When Biden isn’t with Biden, he’s appreciating the political culture of D.C.


Credit: @bidenthegolden

Well, he’s there taking it all in his dreams. He’s still a puppy – he needs lots of rest to keep up with all the growing up he needs to do by 2020!


Credit: @bidenthegolden

And for now he can still be toted around in a bag while he absorbs all he needs to about the people of his country. Life’s tough when you’re still that tiny and adorable.


Credit: @bidenthegolden

In a few years, maybe the Bidens will lead the USA in a co-presidency. It will be awesome, fun, furry, and just as meme-able as Biden and Obama.

Maybe they’ll let Obama back to join in the Biden gang and it will be awesome! We couldn’t bear to see Bo and Sunny left out. Follow the furry Biden on Instagram @bidenthegolden.