Marley the Duck Loves Her Two Doggy Siblings

Their blended family of ducks, dogs, and cats are anything but a quack.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @marleypking

Here is Amy (the human) and her big, blended family of Lucy the Boxer, Marley aka Ming Ming the duck, the late Lucy the Boston Terrier, plus Ziggy the kitty. The amount of tries it took to get this picture was ridiculous, apparently.

When you were adding a pet to your life, did you ever have trouble deciding which pet was right for you? Well, Amy avoided all that trouble and just decided on all kinds of pets in her house. Even as a little girl, she grew up with pet birds, dogs and cats. And now, as an adult, she has the same kinds of pets all to herself. Ming Ming lays an egg once a day and has no interest in lying on them, so the family gets to eat her golden stash! Even though the dogs, Lucky and Lucy are senior dogs, they took to Ming Ming really well. Lucy is even her BFF. Unfortunately, Lucky passed away and they all miss him. Ming Ming only has 7000 followers and we have no idea why! Their adventures as a family are both hilarious and endearing.

Have a look at this furry and feathery blended family:


Credit: @marleypking

What a moment – when Ming Ming met Lucy for the first time. Amy slowly introduced Ming Ming to the dogs, just so they could get used to each other and there would be no fights! It worked and now the two are best friends.


Credit: @marleypking

Lucky, on the other hand, was always grumpy. But he was very patient when Ming Ming was around. Both understood each other’s needs and adapted to it!

But the real best friend was Lucy! Duck and dog would nap together and play together.


Credit: @marleypking

With a dog called a boxer, you’d think Lucy would be more of a fighter. But that’s definitely not true with Ming Ming! The little ducky would tickle Lucy’s paws with her beak and Lucy would just tuck them away from Ming Ming.


Credit: @marleypking

Ming Ming had other ducky friends and boyfriend ducks, but she would always lie close to Lucy because Lucy is BAE! (Before anyone else)


Credit: @marleypking

And these two can really claim BFF status because they’ve been best friends since Ming Ming was born! But really, they’re BFF, best friends for life because it won’t end!

Their friendship was definitely not exclusive. Lucky wasn’t too far away.


Credit: @marleypking

“Uh, why did you bring the duck so close to me?” Just kidding, Lucky probably just woke up from a nap and did not realize Ming Ming joined him.


Credit: @marleypking

And just like her dog siblings, Ming Ming loves sunbathing by the window! Apparently to Lucky, it just enhanced the hourly naps he took.


Credit: @marleypking

One of the few photos where Lucky is awake and not looking displeased with Ming Ming. We guess these two got along better than we were kidding about! Rest in peace, Lucky.

Anywhere Lucy and Ming Ming go, they’re probably lying down.


Credit: @marleypking

Even though it’s a dog bed, Ming Ming joins Lucy while she naps. And Ming Ming cleans herself a little bit during this down time.


Credit: @marleypking

But when it’s time to go outside during the warm sunny days, the ducks and dogs will both lay in the grass to enjoy the sunshine and outside air.


Credit: @marleypking

But when Mum has to work, they lie together on the floor so they don’t make too much noise. It’s all about spending time together even though Mum may be busy with something else!

But when everyone’s free, it’s a free for all!


Credit: @marleypking

“Hey, Ma, why do you keep sticking the phone in my face? What’s so special about that anyways? Can I bite it?” Ming Ming’s inquisitive face makes the best candid photo. And Lucy’s not paying attention to any of it!


Credit: @marleypking

Patio weather means chilling and BELLY RUBS! Who says dogs and cats are the only ones who want belly rubs anyways? Birds apparently love it!


Credit: @marleypking

These two best friends are always looking off to the next adventure. Follow them on Instagram @marleypking!