Millie the Husky is Absolutely the Neediest Dog Ever

Her brother Rupert has to squish himself between her and their dad to be noticed.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
milperthuskyCredit: Instagram / @milperthusky

Dogs are an addition to a family. Whether the family is just one person or five, dogs are family members with all the rights to claim the bed, the couch, and need for bathroom breaks. And that’s exactly what Millie and Rupert are – part of the family. Millie is the queen of the family living with three other boys. Her human dad, her human brother, and Rupert her husky brother all cater to her needy attitude. She’s a big girl with a bigger need to cuddle with her dad. And the rest of the boys are just fine with the adequate attention they get that they don’t stick their snoots in front of their dad’s face!

She will constantly look at you until you pet her again!

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And this is exactly how she has to sleep – little spoon, right against her human and right in the middle of the bed! No sharing! All Millie needs is some TLC and she’s fine, but it has to be all the time!

And if you don’t, she’ll just stare at you with those big, sad eyes until you do.

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We weren’t kidding or exaggerating. This is exactly how Millie looks at her human if he doesn’t have one hand petting her at all times. It’s rather intense and hard to ignore.

Throwback to miss needy haha!!😂👀. LOOK AT HER EYES HAHA!! #huskylife

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Essentially this her entire life, but how can you resist her eyes!

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Even Rupert feels the neediness!

“Dad! You pet Millie all the time, let’s play!!”

Millie’s getting attention and she’s still staring intensely.

When Millie’s not asking for more attention, the crew does other things!

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“Okay Millie’s not whining anymore, let’s go out and play!” – Rupert

“Yeah, Rupert said I look like a seal and that we need to go outside and run.” – Millie

Poor Millie!

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And when Millie’s not awake and already fallen asleep, Rupert claims her spot on their human and they both take up the bed! Good thing their human loves them so much!

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The happiest two beings kept in a truck have ever been to see their captor! These two are ready for some sunshine and romping around like their wolf ancestors did.

But of course, at home, it’s all kinds of cuddles and hugs for Millie the Queen.

milperthusky8Credit: Instagram / @milperthusky

Millie doesn’t look so comfortable, but she doesn’t mind, her human is asleep! How many times have we sacrificed out comfort for our sleeping pets?

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Millie the seal and her little human brother hugging – how adorable! Millie looks like the cuddliest husky ever, good thing she is very receptive to physical attention.

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And if your face isn’t squished onto hers, then she’s going to be all over you until it is. It’s so sweet that you can’t be annoyed with her neediness.

We can’t forget she’s not the only husky around. Rupert might not need cuddles, but he needs to play!

milperthusky11Credit: Instagram / @milperthusky

“Come on, dad, let me out! Are we there yet! Are you going to chase me today?” There’s not containing the energy of a young husky pup. He may as well jump into the driver seat with all the excitement.

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And Millie will play too, but naps on the couch with the remote next to her are essential for a hibernating husky. But look at all the belly rubs you can give her!

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Millie’s favorite thing is obviously when her human covers her with lots of kisses. It makes her happier than when it’s time for walkies!

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