Steven Geraci’s Loves Come In Threes

And he loves his beach, his bod, and his dogs!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram /  @_geraci_

Here is photo proof of our claim – the beautiful beach, his banging bod, and his doggone dogs! Aren’t they all beautiful?

Steven is 26 and living in his prime, spending most of his time in the sun and nowhere else. Where are these constant beach adventures, and how do we get an invite? And how does he have such a great tan AND body if he’s just sunbathing – we didn’t see any sunscreen in his photos! He and his boyfriend go on these adventures together, usually always shirtless, and with his doggies Milo and Toddy! Toddy is the original baby and Milo is a year old!

Have a look at this beachy trio:

Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

We told you his love comes in threes. We’re not sure if this tiny Frenchie is his, but he definitely loves it as much as his other doggies!

Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

His friends even come in threes – the three girls including the little Frenchie. We’re so envious of their cocktail and beach AND puppy lives.

Another big part of his day is spent giving his puppers kisses!
Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

The Frenchie isn’t going to be handheld for long. He’s right about giving her as many kisses as he can while she can’t run away! Would anyone really run away? I don’t think so.

Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

And even on cold days, he’s outside with his dog children. He’s giving all the cuddles to Milo, and Milo loves every minute of it.

Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

You can’t forget your first baby. Toddy and Milo swim with Steven all the time. Steven caught Toddy long enough to get this photo.

Steven does spend SOME time with humans.
Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

His boyfriend is the lucky one who gets to island hop with him. Who can ask for more? Dogs, islands, beaches, and sun all day! Sounds like the life.

Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

Most of the time, his kids do steal the love from his boyfriend. But it’s understandable, right? Dogs can’t take photos! They don’t have thumbs!

Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

Who else is going to catch K.O. moments like these? We don’t think Toddy is that talented! Milo perfectly captures the feeling after a whole day at the beach.

But we still can’t tell what he loves more – the beach or dogs.
Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

Well, we’re going to go ahead and say that you can’t wake up on the beach THAT comfy. And we don’t think our fur friends quite enjoy having sand all over them.

Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

We think dogs love him as much as he loves them! Look at how happy this German Shepherd is to have his kiss.

Credit: Instagram / @_geraci_

Steve also holds his puppers when they need it most. The best kind of dog-human relationship exists when each party can give the other what they need, regardless of language barriers.

We guess dogs are his first love over the beach and his bod. Follow his beautiful adventures on Instagram @_geraci_.