Tango the Pit Bull is the Master of Snacks, Disguises, and the Weather

Why are we so worried about Pit Bulls? This one loves an audience.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

This is Tango. He is currently trying to figure out how he’s going to get that kale stick in his mouth. We see that he’s chosen to use his puppy smirk and adorable brown eyes to melt the heart of his victim.

Tango the happy Pit Bull lives in New York with his humans and his Boston Terrier brother Poukie. Their hobbies include: rolling in mud, matching, wearing food as hats, and advocating #AdoptDontShop. They like to go on walks preferably where they can run free and off leash. And they model oh so perfectly well. They have a variety of outfits and looks and sets that they use to have photo shoots. They’re just so good at being perfectly still! But when it’s time, they can be the rambunctious puppies they still are at heart.

Recently, tango went viral for this rad outfit where he predicts the rainy weather in New York. Who else is jealous of his goggles?


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

This is Tango’s brother, Poukie, who we think is part pig with the way he snorts and wriggles in the mud. These brothers know how to take the perfect photo!

But his rad outfits and photogenic features aren’t the only good things about Tango.


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

His best trick is staying still long enough to prepare for and take a photo with various things (usually treats) on his nose. Here he is sporting three finger foods so well!


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

Tango saying goodbye to 2016 with his favorite part of it – the treats on his head! We think his year was blessed enough for him to let it go with that peaceful look on his face.


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

That’s not all he balances – he also balances donuts! And this time it’s for his audience, which he loves! What a sweet pitty.

But if Tango loves anything more than treats, it’s the snow!


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

Here he is going to what we can only assume is a coffee shop to write about his angst over his bullied breed with his hipster glasses and hat!


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

Just kidding, he’s staying right outside where he can make as many snowballs, to eat presumably, as he can. But wait, it gets better.


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

He’s balancing a whole snowman!! He made a friend in the snow and did a trick immediately after. What a good boy.

But even when the snow is gone, he has a blast playing with his brother outside.


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

Oh you know, just two boys taking a break from EATING DIRT. Dogs can be so silly and fight with the ground.


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

When they’re not running around and eating the ground, these two are modelling on the streets of New York with their awesome bandanas. Tango chose the blissful look while Poukie chose the stoic one.


Credit: @tangomunch_pitbull

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