There’s A Reason Why People Stop and Take Photos With This Cat

Once you see him, it’s quite obvious why

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: พี่โบน / Facebook

I mean, look at his face! How could you not want to take a picture with this catloaf? Who else wants to squish his cheeks and belly? And look how excited he is.

This fluffy kitty is from Thailand and has over 51 thousand followers on Instagram. People line up to take photos with him because he’s just so big! On Facebook, there are over 156 thousand people who like his page. He has tons of photos on both platforms and people are just in awe of his size and are dying to meet him. Too bad he’s on the other side of the ocean or else we’d definitely want to interview him.

Here he is in all his fluffy glory!


Credit: พี่โบน / Facebook

Bone Bone has chins for days and he has no regrets or cares about it. He knows it’s what brings people to him and it makes people happy!


Credit: @bonebone29

He’s usually found with his spiked turtle backpack wondering around. But even with his turtle backpack, he’s hard to miss anyways!

But you should see him compared to people.


Credit: พี่โบน / Facebook

And you can definitely tell he’s massive when people hold him. He looks about the size of a small toddler or even a big infant.


Credit: พี่โบน / Facebook

He’ll hug you as you hold him and stare into your eyes. We’re guessing he’s also like a radiator with all that fur and chubs.


Credit: พี่โบน / Facebook

But sometimes he’s a little tired of showing off his belly and may wriggle out of your grab. All the belly rubs may just get his frown upside down.

To follow him, check him out on Instagram @bonebone29 or on Facebook!