These Beautiful Cats Look Super Posh and Disappointed with Everything

We know they’re born with it, but it goes with their aesthetic!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @purrsanlove

How can they not be the fancy felines they act like? Two Persian cats and one exotic short-haired kitty have striking eyes and a perma-frown.

If you ever want to feel less beautiful than a kitty, we’ll direct you to the striking fluffiness of the Persian cat and exotic short-haired cat. Lola, Lucy, and Emma live in Florida with their cat mama and their rustic home just amplifies their adorable faces. They resemble posh families who drink tea and watch the rain. Yes, we’re far reaching with our idea of posh families, but just go with it! But like all kitties, they bask in the sun and try to fit themselves in boxes and bags. You can take the cat out of the city, but never the city out of the cat!

See their unimpressed, unfazed looks:


Credit: @purrsanlove

This is lovely Lucy who is displeased with the photo taking at the moment. She was in a moment of making herself comfortable between the plants to enjoy the sun when she was interrupted!


Credit: @purrsanlove

This is Queen Lola very disappointed in her human’s decision to bathe her. We’re sorry Lola, but it takes effort to upkeep your fluffiness!

It’s not just interruption that displeases these kitties.


Credit: @purrsanlove

“Are these supposed to be amusing, Lucy? I don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

“Well, just stare at it, Lola, and maybe it’ll seem like this is amusing us.”

They’re not being that subtle at their lack of intrigue.


Credit: @purrsanlove

Miss Lucy doing a fine job in blending in with her surroundings as to not be disturbed, but alas, she was caught pretending to be a pillow while napping. We applaud her effort.


Credit: @purrsanlove

Sometimes they even displease each other.

“Excuse me, Lola, but you seem to be in my personal bubble.”

“Um, no, Lucy, but you are in MY space!”

And neither of them moved.

It seems as if their little sister Emma is out of the picture, but she’s just exploring!


Credit: @purrsanlove

While her sisters are off being unamused, Emma is off finding bags to find monsters in. She got lucky and found her sister trying to find some peace!


Credit: @purrsanlove

But, unfortunately, Lola and Lucy were born with perma-frowns and silly disappointed faces. Look at Lola not wanting to be awake!

Credit: @purrsanlove

And some things never change. As adorable as this tent is, Lola doesn’t seem to be having it! Maybe she’ll just feel better if she just falls asleep.

We hope you liked our silly poke at Persian kitties’ adorable faces and hope you’ll follow them @purrsanlove!