This Dog’s Mission In Life Is To Become An Internet Meme

Because once you’re a meme, you never disappear.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

Tikken didn’t always know that she wanted to be a meme. When she was a puppy she thought she wanted to be an Olympic swimmer. But she didn’t realize how cold it would be after getting out of the water.

Memes make our Internet world run. Anything can happen in the world, and unless it’s in poor taste, somebody somewhere is making a meme. We don’t know where these memes begin, but once they’re unleashed to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, they’re unstoppable. People will tag, comment, share, and like all day long to avoid adult responsibilities!

Tikken the Vizsla is less than a year old, but she knows (or her humans know) that she will be a meme one day – hopefully one of the most shared! She started with cute outfits and posed photos. And some of her photos have the meme fonts and captions on them. She even has some videos that she hopes to go viral! Only 10 months old and she knows more about her future than some millennials.

Have a look at her best meme-worthy moments


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

It was hard being a puppy not knowing her purpose in life. Just kidding, she just took a bath and now she’s a little chilly!


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

The beginning of her meme attempts – Tikken sporting some of her human’s glasses and “studying”. This gives people the opportunity to make study memes, work memes, dating memes – any kinds of memes!

She even uses her humans as props for her attempts!


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

Her humans posed her on the couch in this position and gave the photo their own meme caption! This photo gives the possibility to memes that talk about surprises! Do not disturb her.


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

She also likes to poke fun at owning humans the way people “own” their pups. Does this speak to you in anyway? Do our dogs think we’re overbearing??


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

But of course, she actually loves her humans! She’s even staring right at her human rather than the beautiful balloons!

Her face just gives so many opportunities for funny captions!


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

Hmm, this one can do many things also. Tikken contemplating life or food or wondering why humans throw sticks. “Why would I get it if you threw it?”


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

She can even pretend to be another animal – dog or bunny? Vizsla or German Shepherd? We see an identity crisis meme going on here.


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

At only ten months old, she’s starting dating memes! If we were on a dating site where Tikken was, she would be one of the better options!

We think its because Tikken always looks so alert that make her so meme-able.


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

“Hello, nice of you to join me. Where have you been?” A meme for any kind of relationship – human and human, human and dog, dog and dog!

And her videos where she has human hands and doing chores will make anyone laugh!


Credit: Instagram / @tikken_the_vizsla

To let her have her dream, follow her on Instagram @tikken_the_vizsla!