What Happens When a Shelter Gets a Rat, Dog, and Cat?

Apparently something quite sweet

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Facebook / Oshkosh Area Humane Society 

Sasha the dog, Tweaks the rat, and Jack the cat were all surrendered to the shelter and staff could not separate them even if they wanted to.

Credit: Facebook / Oshkosh Area Humane Society 

The owner of “the rat pack” surrendered all three pets to the Oshkosh Area Humane Society because there were downsizing their home and could not keep all three pets. When they came to the shelter, the staff brought Jack the cat for a medical exam. But when he was in the room, he started acting strange and worried, and flat out freaked out. So the staff decided to bring Sasha into the room to see what would happen. And Jack immediately calmed down leading the staff to realize that these pets were meant to be together.

Credit: Facebook / Oshkosh Area Humane Society 

So all they were kept in the same enclosure where they spent they’re time sleeping, playing with eat other, and sharing food.

At first, the staff did not know whether or not to bring the rat in, but since they were brought together, they did. And once Tweaks was in the enclosure with Sasha and Jack, Tweaks ran to Sasha and they were licking each other.


Credit: Oshkosh Area Humane Society / Facebook

Jack was lying down and Tweaks went to him and snuggled under his arm to join him in his nap. Have you ever seen a cat do this? This loving action proved that this trio were meant to be together and should not be separated.

The shelter looked for a home for the trio and the trio became an important part of shelter while they stayed there.

Credit: Facebook / Oshkosh Area Humane Society 

When donor Rick Hart matched the $14 000 raised in the shelter’s “Giving from the Hart” campaign, they thanked him and took a picture with the special trio!

Credit: Facebook / Oshkosh Area Humane Society 

Soon, the trio had an approved application for adoption. Kathy Berens and her daughter had recently adopted a cat from Oshkosh and wanted another and even a dog. So the staff introduced them to the rat pack. At first, Berens was hesitant about Tweaks, but the staff persuaded her to meet him and see how kind he was.

Credit: Facebook / Oshkosh Area Humane Society 

And after the meeting, they adopted all three of them! The rat pack had a home to go to! None of them had to be separated from each other.

Credit: Facebook / Oshkosh Area Humane Society 

Volunteer staff were both sad and happy to see their wonderful trio go, and gave all of them a few last cuddles before sending them off to their forever home.

Who says dogs, cats, AND rats can’t get along anyways?