By Erin Kirkpatrick

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

When individuals partake in “backyard breeding,” innocent animals are the ones that pay the price. Fueled by ignorance and greed, this type of amateur breeding results in the genetic abnormalities.

Everyone, meet Mrs. Flans. She is an adorable Chiweenie (Chihuahua + Dachshund mix) who didn’t have the easiest beginning.

Due to the fact that Mrs. Flans’ parents were siblings, she was the only survivor of her litter and riddled with abnormalities. This pup is deaf, blind in one eye, albino, and has Shaker Syndrome, a condition that causes seizures and uncontrollable shaking.

Sadly, her previous owners lacking compassion or consciences found Mrs. Flans’ condition to be entertaining and often laughed at her. They soon grew bored of her medical conditions and planned to dump her on the streets to fend for herself, knowing full well she likely wouldn’t survive the first few nights. Some people…

Who knows what would have happened to Mrs. Flans if Linda Alvarez, a private rescuer in L.A., had not stepped in? Linda rushed to the owners’ house and picked Mrs. Flans up before they had the opportunity to abandon her on the street. Linda had planned to adopt Mrs. Flans out, but no one wanted her because of her appearance and conditions. Fortunately, the pair soon realized they didn’t want anyone but each other. Linda thought Mrs. Flans’ imperfections made her one of a kind.

Linda began dressing Mrs. Flans up and sharing the photos of this quirky pup on Instagram for everyone to enjoy. Honestly, I can’t help but smile. Thank you, Linda, and of course, Mrs. Flans!

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

Mrs. Flans and her mom are sporting matching glasses for Mother’s Day! Mrs. Flans is thinking, “I have the best mom in the ENTIRE WORLD,” and you know what, Mrs. Flans, you’re not wrong. We’re so happy they’ve found each other. The pair deserves only the best.

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

You’ve probably noticed Mrs. Flans’ impossibly long tongue by now. While it is endearing, it’s the product of a Dachshund’s long tongue placed inside the short snout of a Chihuahua, a byproduct of backyard breeding. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth at all times.

Nothing gets Mrs. Flans down, and her mom is always encouraging her to flaunt her flaws. They’re beautiful and make her who she is!

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

It looks like Mrs. Flans is ready for a masquerade or a walk down the runway! She’s not picky and will attend both events if she has time. She’s pretty popular if you didn’t know. Flaunt it, Mrs. Flans!

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

Mrs. Flans nailed this Andy Warhol-inspired costume. According to her Instagram account, Mrs. Flans was dressed for an 80s-themed party in Hollywood. #fabulous #hollywood

Her tongue! Her tongue! It’s so cute. Like me, Mrs, Flans dreams about ice cream. If you’re going to dream about something, why not ice cream? My point exactly!

We haven’t mentioned that Mrs. Flan has siblings! They seem to get along but siblings are known to get on each other’s nerves…just sayin’.

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

Mrs. Flans received an invitation to a costume party, but she was only allowed to go if she brought her brother Arthur. Mom’s orders! Mrs. Flans and her plus one certainly look the part, but we’re not entirely sure what they’re dressed as — a hula girl and a three-eyed monster, perhaps?

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

When Mrs. Flans isn’t attending costume parties, she’s saving the world with Ruthies! All they expect in return is a plate stacked and stacked with delicious snacks. We almost didn’t recognize Mrs. Flans with the gold mask and cape on, but the signature tongue gave it away.

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

Mrs. Flans with all her brothers and sisters. Look at the unbreakable focus they all have. They all want someone to drop snacks and delicious goodies on the floor!

Mrs. Flans loves sleeping and no wonder! She gets up to some pretty crazy activities. Wait until you see!

👆🏽🔈👆🏽 I was helpings my moms grades papers buts its was sooooooooooooooos borings that's I fells asleeps! 😴😴😴Ifs I was a teachers I woulds makes everyones writes a papers ons whiches is betters, the feelings you gets whens yous sees a gigantics plates ofs yours favorites snacks, OR's, the feelings yous gets whens yous sees thats cuties withs the bootys joggings ins fronts ofs yous? 🤔😬🤔🍕🥞🍟🌮👏🏽🍑👏🏽🍑👏🏽🍑#essay #teacher #knowledge #themoreyouknow #🍑#writersofinstagram #grading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #partytime #tongueouttuesday #rescuedog #deafdog #seniordog #adoptdontshop #relaxing #chiweenie #cute #instagood #dogs_of_instagram #dogstagram #lovedogs #adorable #dogoftheday #dailydog #instadog #rescuedogsofinstagram #superstar #magical #unicorn #thatsdarling #petsagram

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This pooched pup fell asleep while her mom was grading papers. Writing papers and grading papers = a super boring task, but somebody has to do it. Linda, we salute you!

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

Mrs. Flans is hanging out with tortoise bud Burt! They’re just lounging by the pool with their shades. Make sure you both reapply sunscreen after you pop out of the kiddie pool!

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

Lace-ups: check; sweatband: check; tennis ball: check. Mrs. Flans is fully equipped for a killer tennis match. Wimbledon, here she comes!

We couldn’t leave you just yet. There are still more photos of Mrs. Flans to enjoy!

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

We spy kale, onions, and broccoli. Mrs. Flans has quite the green paw and helps her mom maintain their California harvest. If you’re taking orders, I’ll have the kale and onions. Thank you!

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans 

We caught her doing a little before-bed reading. She’s a huge fan of Tupac and his musical influence. Good on her for wanting to learn more about him. I wonder if we could convince Linda to start a book club…

Credit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

Mrs. Flans is tired again after a long day of physical activities and being effortlessly adorable. One thing we can learn from Mrs. Flans is that our flaws make us beautiful and everyone deserves to live a happy life with ones they love.

mrs.flanCredit: Instagram / @mrs.flans

Keep up with Mrs. Flans by following her on Instagram at @mrs.flans. We promise you’ll love it.